My favorite place Made by michelle de jong

My first favorite place was in my first house. It was my bedroom. But i have a new one. My new favorite place is in my new bedroom. It is small but it has WiFi and i can watch my favorite series on Netflix, i can do my homework and stuff. When i was a little girl i wanted to be alone. And i want still be alone, not because I'm unhappy but it give me Some rest. And when i was a little girl i was crying it i couldn't be alone.
When i walk with my dogs is This my favorite place. I come here everyday. This is a place where i can think. And play with my dogs ofcourse.
On my vacation in the autumn of 2015 (great time) we where in Mallorca. This vacation was This my favorite place. By the swimming pool outside and at the beach with beautiful water and fishes. When you swim in This water your skin Will be so i don't know How to explain This but it was so Nice water!
I hope you ejoyed my presentation about my favorite places. Thanks for watching!

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