Grapefruit Hit and Run Summer'16

It was the Summer of 2016. It was my best Summer yet. I was partying harder than ever. I was stronger than ever, and I was better than ever.

It was the middle of August and I was having a good day. Me and my siblings got dropped off at my Grandma’s house while my mom went to work. At 3:30 I was in my grandma’s backyard. It was a beautiful day and my grandma had a big backyard so I went outside to play football with my brother. My Grandma’s neighbor Crystalsister Soulmother came out with her friend Rivermother Peacedream.

I yelled “Hey Cyrstalsister”

she said “ Hey John”

I noticed Crystalsister’s friend whisper something to Crystalsister and then they both laughed. I didn’t think of it to much and I continued playing football with my brother.

About a 30 minutes later Rivermother whispered something again and then Crystalsister laughed.

Then Rivermother yelled “Hey faggot” at me and Crystalsister laughed.

I yelled across the yard “shut up”

She then replied “ Oh what, did I hurt your feelings faggot” I dared her to call me a faggot one more time.

She said “okay, whatever you want faggot”

I walked into my grandma’s kitchen throwing my hands in an angry way. I figured that Cystalsister and Rivermother deserved some payback. I looked around her kitchen for something that I could throw at Rivermother that would inflict pain but not hurt her badly. I looked into the fruit bowl and I saw a grapefruit. It seemed like the perfect thing to throw.

I walked around the front yard and snuck up to the gate, and opened the gate

Rivermother said “oh back for more faggot?”

I yelled “ That’s it”

I took the grapefruit out from behind my back. I made a pretty hard throw aimed for Rivermother. It hit her square in the chest and exploded all over her. Crystalsister screamed so loud that the people in her house heard her. Her brother Solarfreak came running out of the house. He looked around and he saw Rivermother with grapefruit juice all over her, and me standing there with my mouth open looking at him.

He started running towards me. I realized that if I didn’t run away he would beat me up. I ran away as fast as I can. Once I got up the road I slowed down because I didn’t think he was still chasing me. I looked behind me and he was still running at me. I took a side street and I tried to lose him but he stayed with me. He chased me on to a main road. I ran on to another side street.

He continued to chase me but was slowing down. I saw this as my chance. I saw an opening that led to the street my grandma’s house was on. I had to cut through two backyards but it was worth it. I ran through the first backyard and realized that there was a huge fence dividing the two yards. Solarfreak was catching up to me and I was running out of time. I decided to climb the fence. As I was climbing the fence, Solarfreak reached for my leg. I moved my leg so he couldn’t grab my leg. I made him miss my leg but it put me in a weird position. I fell of the fence and into the next backyard. Solarfreak saw his chance and climbed the fence as fast as he could. When he was halfway up the fence I got up and started running.

I was on my grandma’s street. I ran towards her house. I looked behind me and saw that he was very close to me. I realized that I couldn’t go into my Grandma’s house because I wouldn’t be able to lock the door without him getting in. I stopped running and tried to talk him out of beating me up. I tried to use reason to get him to not beat me up. He didn’t care about what I was saying and still was going to beat me up. I decided to just try to run into the house. I ran very fast and ran by him. I ran into the house, and locked the door. Solarfreak waited outside my house for five minutes and then he went back to his house. At 5:30 my mom picked me and my siblings up from our grandma’s and took us home.

Violence is never a good idea. It can get you into a lot of trouble with adults and friends. It creates enemies and doesn’t solve problems.

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