what does it take for someone to change the world by:kavya

it takes many things to change the world or to make the world a better place for animal or human life. changing the world can't always be good, and it can't always be bad.lets start.

you need to love the world in order to change the world. you need to love or respect what you want to do. you should respect the world any way.

love the world to change the world!

you need to be brave and take risks to never be afraid to take a guess and never give up. don't fear failing. you have to fail a few times to get better.


to change the world you need to be properly educated to get through complicated times.

think fast!

you need courage to change the world. mostly to be confident.

no one is to small to change the world.

i hope you have learned what it takes to change the world. Thank you for listing to my presentation.

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