Science is a place you can research stuff and cant be wrong. Science can't study stuff like is it hot in my room but it can tell you it is like 70% is in your room. Science can't study stuff like are pigs cool but it can give you facts about pigs. Science can study what will happen to your body when you get older. Science can study different parts of the human body.

1. Deer have long lags so they and run fast and that helps the escape from pretenders. 2. Deer can jump high and that helps them escape from pretenders. 3. If a a deer has bigger antlers than the deer they are fighting than they are more likely to win. 4. Deer are brown so they blend in with the woods and that helps the because it is harder for pretenders to see them.

I made a model to show how nerves send signals to your brain. We cant use a real human because it is to expensive.


Created with images by Rusty Clark - "Piggies - The Big E Day 2 2011" • tpsdave - "white-tailed deer animal" • LouAnna - "skeleton shadow human"

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