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For this project, I want to determine Lindt Chocolate as the product of my package. I want to redesign a more interesting and attractive outlook for it. As the result, the topic of my design will be focusing on the shape of chocolate.

My Researches

The first step of my project was to look at some of the fashionable packages of the chocolate that came out for present. Over all, I could see that all of them are focusing on the major color of chocolate which is the deep brown of the cocoa.

mY thumbnails

For the ten thumbnails, I was imaging some different kinds of chocolate packages that I had never seen before and possible to make out by one A4 paper.

three selected roughS

This is the three roughs that had been selected. All three of them were looks as common as some of the chocolate boxes on the market for today. However, all of them were having at least one design that out of common of today.

fINAL comp

My template


The target audiences of my product suppose to be the young customers. So that, I had chosen two schooling students for my persona. Both of them were chocolate lovers. They would be able to give me some suggestions for me to make an attractive package with the ideal design of most of the chocolate lovers.


my final PROTOTYPE of product


For this project, I choose Lindt Chocolate for the product of my package. I want to forget all about the package outlook that Lindt has for today and create a completely new outlook for its chocolate.

My inspiration comes from the traditional chocolate bar that we have. I make it as someone just bite it and looks delicious to attract my audiences. According to my personas, I have focused on the audiences of young teens or children because those are the age that have a big interest in tasting candy and chocolate. That's why I have added a drop of chocolate beans on the bottom of my package. Then I research the origin of chocolate is cocoa, so that I use a cocoa tree pattern for the background. Make it looks more historical and focus on the age of my target audiences. Also, make it looks more natural and nice on feeling. There are a few design problem during my design process. First, I have to make sure my package can be made in one paper . I have to make it smaller than I think. Then, the scale of each side of my package also difficult to control. Some of the sides have to be equal or have to be measure as a factor for other sides. Specially for the top of mine, it contain a 90 degree angle and I have to make sure that it is able to fit the connection between the body of the package.

The coolest part of my design has to be the bite of the chocolate bar at the top. I want to make it looks like a traditional chocolate for every ordinary person. It could make it familiar for the older people and attract those youth who want something interest for their lives. Overall, I have learned how to make a 3D object by making the template from PS. For next time, I would like to create more interesting object in 3D with this method of PS and Illustrator.

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