No Vote, No Hope? By Richelle Hayes

Richelle Hayes is an African American Female Collegiate Student that is a registered voter. However, she will not be voting in this year’s election.

“I feel like I made a very educated decision,” explains Hayes, “I’d rather remain neutral than to have to choose the ‘better’ of two evils. The Electoral College chooses the president anyway, and I assume that our government is still filled with bigots, racists, and extreme conservatives, so I have a pretty good idea of what’s REALLY gonna go down at the official poll.”

She said that she has a gut feeling that America’s next four years of existence would be a horrid one no matter the outcome. African American males would probably go to jail at the same rate or faster with Hillary, and immigrants would be in fear of deportation with Trump. These were two figures that Hayes could not come two terms with, so she decided to not take on the polls for the 2016 Presidential Election. She joins millions of others who also did not vote on Election Day for various reasons.

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