This picture was simply cropping out the lady in the doorframe from a much larger picture. Very easy and simple for a first project.
I used the lasso tool to cute the apple out and place it onto the black background, revealing the yellow layer behind the apple originally.
This project involved using the duplicating tool and changing the hue and saturation on each globe in order to create the different colors. Then used the resize and move tool to do as so.
For this assignment i was allowed to play around with the hue and saturation, adding more purple than blue and making the green to be brighter than before. Creating a softer feel to the picture itself.
In order to create this beveled effect i created 3 layers. One layer was clicking on Bevel and Emboss, smoothing out the design, then chisel hard. Second layer was using Cove- Deep Gloss to get rid of the matte design and create a glossier shine to the letters. The third layers was further adding to the gloss and contour.
In this assignment i used the saturation tool to change the girls blue hat and dress to a bright green color as showed in the image.
In this project I used the stamp clone tool to clone the bird on the mid right to the top left as well, also cloning the clouds around it to make it look more natural.
I searched online for a blackboard menu design and used the clone tool to clone the background color and blackout any words that needed to be covered. Then i used the text tool to write the ingredient for success!


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