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In 2015, the Philippines is considered as the fourth fastest growing economy in the world but according to CNN 80% of the population is still living in poverty. And according to World Bank, 82% of Filipinos live under US$5 a day and most of them survive on only US$2. This is the reality we have in this nation.

So today let me share to you one of the solutions Every Nation initiated in order to alleviate this problem in our nation. We call it REAL LIFE FOUNDATION. Here we believe that education and character development is the way out of poverty.


The Real LIFE Foundation exists to honor God by serving and empowering the poor of the Philippines through educational assistance, character development and community service



We just started accepting applicants here in Lucena this April 2017. We interviewed them individually and the next day we visited their home. This experience awakened something in me. Suddenly I remember the time when I was in college and I envisioned of having a scholarship foundation for students who can't afford to go to school. Finally it's here in our city. Let me introduce to you some of the applicants who are currently active members of our campus ministry. They are some of the students we have reached out here in Lucena.


Fina is an upcoming 4th year college student in Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Lucena. Her father was working in an oil mill once in a while and her mother is working in a factory. Fina is the 3rd daughter among the 4 children. There are times she lacks daily allowances to go to school. We found out also that the location of their house is very far. No wonder her transportation cost are so expensive for a student like her. I couln't even imagine how she manage to go home late at night when theres activity in the school or when she is attending our youth service at night. She may look gentle but I can see that she is a tough and determined woman. [Fina is the girl in black shirt]

We saw a bible inside their house when we visited them. Tatay(Father) said, every morning when he wakes up he reads a few verses. It was so timely, so we took that opportunity to also share the gospel to him and he did received Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. When Ptr. Ed ministered to him Fina cannot contain her was I.

Hannah is an upcoming grade 12 student. Her mother was imprisoned for 14 years and she never met her father. She grow up living in different houses and changing guardians along the way. It's so amazing how strong this woman is. The house that she is staying in right now is a former drug haven because of his uncle. Thank God he has been arrested and now in jail. But in spite of all these experiences she excelled in school and even became a Student Supreme Goverment officer. She has been tested by many challenges in life but she has been an overcomer. Please continue to pray for her protection always as she stay in the house. [Hannah is the girl in white dress]

After talking to her aunts(guardians) we ended up ministering to them and sharing the gospel to them. Our visit to Hannah's house became an instant house blessing also to declare that it will no longer be used for evil but for good.
Iveen and Floda

Iveen and Floda are working students. Their mother is in Canada with their other half baby brother. She left their dad when they where 4-5 years old for reasons that is not clear even today. Maybe it could be for their security. They never receive any support from their father. The money they also receive from their mom is not enough for their daily needs and schooling. What they did is save up money they got from work to enroll for one semester as a first year college student in Enverga University. Unfortunately, their money is not enough so they have to stop again. Their plan is to work again to save up for another semester. But we advice them to just trasfer to a goverment college so the tuition will be free and they no longer needed to stop. If ever they will become a scholar, everything else they needed for school will be provided for.

Both of them got high averages for the one semester they had in college. This photo was taken when we visited them at work.

Jafet is a second year student in Dalubhasaan ng Lungsod ng Lucena. He was raised only by his father along with 6 brothers and sisters. His mother died when they were young. It's been a difficult life for their family ever since then. Jafet is the first one to go to college in their family. The moment we came in their house the father brought up something about his experience in his former church. We saw how he wanted to be restored but he was having a difficult time because of some dissapointments in the leaders of that church. Thank God, Ptr. Ed once again was able to minister to him during our visit.

I really admire the heart of Jafet for his father. During the interview, when I asked him what he will do with his first salary when he already have work he said he would like to treat his father and express his gratitude for all the years of hard work he showed for their family.

Our home visit with their family and home has opened my eyes to the real situation of our students and their family. These 4 young people are the reflections of what our youth is facing every day. We believe that indeed education is the key.


So if education is the solution, does this mean that only 0.6% of the poor will be able to make it out of poverty? We refuse to believe so, and this is why we do what we do. Not every young person has to become a statistic. We can work together to change a life, change the nation.[from REAL LIFE page]


We at Every Nation Campus works hand in hand with them in addressing the needs of our students. I want you to know, as my ministry partner you also have a vital part in this. They are the fruits of our partnership. Pray with us as we help build a better future for these students. Together we are not only changing the campus and changing the world but also changing a life and changing this nation. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! I hope you are refreshed and encouraged today. Have a blessed time ahead!

Your Campus Missionary,

Melfer P. Carbonilla

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