Mannequin Attack Sydney E.

I glance at the mannequin in the window and shudder. It looks like me, with a red cropped jacket and white tank. . I walk over to the lady in the SashaRee store. “Excuse me?” I tap her on the shoulder. She turns around. “Can I help you……….”

“Do you have any red dresses?” I ask her. Slowly she nods her head and goes to the back of the store. As I wait I hear a small thump. “Get out of here. Now.”

The girl is staring at the dress then glancing at Lumio, my demon coyote. His swirling black and red eyes look up at me, as if to ask if he can eat her or not. I shake my head.

Im hurried along to the mall doors. I look back to the store and I scream. The mannequin is running after us. “Run. Don't stop until you reach a black car. Then get in and lock the doors until I get there. Got it?”

That's when I hear the scream. I trip and everything goes black. 'I'm done for. This is the end. I'm sorry mom, dad. Even Maiya.' Then the pain fades and I open my eyes. Lumio is standing above me. I look around only to see the mannequin and the mystery man lying on the ground.I already know that the man will live. Lumio's staring at me. "Am I supposed to care for you for now?" I ask the coyote. He nods his little red head. I sigh. "Fine. Let's go."

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Coyote pups are often born

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