Stevens Canyon Trail Cupertino, ca

It's not often we venture into the peninsula.

You humans know Cupertino as Apple's headquarters and as a dense suburb, but there are trails here, too, which is far more interesting for me.

It's not often mom finds a trail she won't repeat, since just being outside is pretty great, but I don't think she was a fan of this trail, except for the distance, so I'm not sure she's willing to come back here. If you live near the area it's a convenient weekend trail to get the miles in.

This is a 6.3 mile loop. Mom usually prefers to start off hikes with an ascent since she usually needs to warm up and generally has more energy to burn.

Toni Look Trail > Coyote Trail

Clearly marked signs

The trail starts off wooded and wide, but once we turned off on Coyote Trail it becomes completely exposed. We visited the day after Christmas, but because it's been a relatively dry winter all the trails were hard packed dirt.

So why didn't mom like this hike, you ask? Even though you get some amazing views and can see all the way to San Jose, you also get some amazing views of all the pylons.

Silicon Valley

Sunnyvale Rod and Gun Club is also nearby so there's constant gunshot noises on top of the traffic noise. Although, mom thinks it does train me to be less scared since I also hate fireworks. It's just not the quietest trail.

Fern Trail > Vista Loop

Technically this park is leash only. Mom kept the leash ready, in case. Notice all the hoof prints? There was a lot of fresh horse poop, which I LOVE, so Mom leashed me the more frequently she saw fresh piles, since usually that's an indication there's a horse nearby.

I always have to wait for her...sigh...

That's my happy face.

It wasn't until we hit Vista Loop trail that we came across A LOT of horses. In fact, we got stopped in traffic! We had to let this group pass, and then move out of the way for a group behind us to pass too.

Lookout Trail > Stevens Creek Trail

By the time we hit the Lookout Trail intersection, mom pulled off several ticks, mostly around my face and mouth since I like to shove my head into the bushes. 😧 If your pup is not on any flea and tick regimen, then you should definitely avoid coming here.

Lookout Trail marks the half way point - and no horses!

This is still a leash only trail.

And it's mostly covered - whew!

But because the trails become single track and are all switchbacks with decline, mom took me off leash. Plus, I was already worn out from the first half of the trail and stayed close.

The temperature drops considerably in the shade.

The trail eventually follows the edge of Stevens Creek Reservoir, which was completely dry.

Once we hit the last trail marker we saw considerably more hikers, and all the other doggies we came across were leashed so we decided to follow the rules too. The trail turns back to gravel and becomes much wider, flatter and easier, anyway, so I was okay with it.

Mom also didn't want me going into the dam.

Mom always does one last tick check before getting in the car. This time she pulled off another two, and then at home found about four more. 😢 That's a lot of ticks!!

All in all, while I had a great time and was exhausted after, I don't think mom found the hike very relaxing.

Your fur parents want to know:

  • Yes, there's parking
  • No, this is not an off leash park
  • No, this is not a fenced enclosure
  • No, there are no doggy (or human) water fountains - although there are water spigots near the park information office
  • No, there are no poop bags
  • Yes, there are trash bins by all parking areas and picnic areas
  • Yes, there are benches by the trail head and picnic areas
  • Yes, there are toilets by parking lots

🐾 Caesar

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