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The workplace demand for digital media skills—creating, managing, integrating, and communicating information by using Adobe’s video, graphic, web, illustration, or design software—is on the rise.

Adobe asked current and aspiring digital media professionals, including 504 Adobe Certified Associates (ACA) and 562 non-ACA holders, ages 18 to 29 in the United States, Mexico and South Korea about the essentials for launching a successful digital media career.
Top Reasons the Digital Field Has Become More Competitive
  • More people are now interested in this field (55%)
  • More people are using online networking resources to stand out (44%)
  • Employers are looking for a wider variety of skills (43%)
  • Increase in visual and digital communication (43%)
  • Increased accessibility of tutorials & online materials allow people to teach themselves required skills (52%)
  • More people are using online networking resources to stand out (44%)
  • Employers are looking for a wider variety of skills (43%)
  • Increase in visual and digital communication (43%)
The ACA certification program will help educators effectively teach and validate digital communication skills while providing students with credentials that demonstrate real-world prowess to prospective employers and academic institutions.
ACA holders can use this logo on their business cards and resumé
Best practices on becoming an Adobe Certification Testing Site
  • Teaching and Testing
  • License from
  • Training
  • Classes
  • Books
  • PC or MAC with Chromium browser installed
  • PC or MAC the latest flash software
Training with
  • Photoshop CC practice tests in training mode
  • Fill in the blank or multiple choice
  • Photoshop simulations
  • Gives the correct answer directly after answering the question
Learnkey Training Assessments
  • LearnKey Photoshop CC Session1 Pre-assessment –All fill in the blank or multiple choice
  • Photoshop CC Session 1 – Training Series of training videos that cover graphic design
  • Photoshop CC Session 1 – Exercise Labs Series of Photoshop simulations
  • Photoshop CC Session 1 – Post Assessment Multiple choice
LeanKey Training
  • LearnKey
  • Learnkey certification guidelines
  • Learning Systems Portal
Training Classes for Exam
  • Digital Imaging credit course – Traditional community college course
  • Digital Imaging noncredit course – Traditional noncredit course
  • Short term noncredit ACA prep courses
  • Series of three short term courses – Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
Establish sustainable funding models
  • Strong Workforce Funds
  • Perkins (if applicable) – only 3 years
  • CTE–IG K-12 Incentive Grant
  • Long Term – make it part of your normal budget
Certification Companies

Certiport – Todd Adamson, Territory Manager for Higher Education

License = No testing fees to the student
  • Zero cost to the student
  • $169.00 for Industry Professionals
  • College students
  • Instructors and staff
  • District students and instructors
  • Professionals
  • Community
Available to students across all educational programs
An ACA certification is earned by rigorous examination at a Certified Authorized Testing Center
What is an ACA Classroom and ACA Campus Site License?

A site license includes the use of the ACA certifications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premier Pro

Coastline ACA Testing 2017
Connecting Industry Professional Training to the Classroom

The ACA certification is currently being practiced at the high school level.

  • Five high schools in OC are currently using the ACA certification
  • Four out of the nine OC community colleges – diversity across the region
  • Credit by exam for articulation becomes the game changer
  • Allows alignment
  • Industry standard – 3rd party industry recognized certification
  • High Schools purchase license
  • Part of the culture – "We Certify"
  • 3rd party Certification is the Credit by Exam for articulation
  • Allows alignment and Shows competency
  • Title 5 law – credit by exam, ACA is baseline for credit by exam

First year students are arriving at college digital art courses with a certification or multiple certifications. Instead of taking the first year to learn the basic software – these students are prepared to explore and apply the professional elements of a CTE program with advanced adobe skills.

Orange County Questions?
  • Sean Glumace –
  • OCDE Orange County Department of ED ACA Project
  • Consolidating data for the region
OCDE ACA Project Model
  • Coastline Community College Hosts: July 27-28, 2017
  • Two day Articulation for CC and ACA Certification Workshop

Day 1

  • Testing and how to test
  • Administrative – How to deal with the data

Day 2

  • Articulation for Coastline
  • Training, testing, scheduling training visits to your school
  • OCDE ACA Project – Tracking high school students for 24 months

John Howkins defined the concept Creative Economy in 2001 as

  • The creative economy deals in ideas and money.
  • It is the first kind of economy where imagination and ingenuity decide what people want to do and make. And what they want to buy.
  • The largest sectors are art, culture, design, entertainment, media and innovation.


  • Creative industry output totaled $374.5 billion (direct, indirect, and induced).
  • The creative industry generated 1.6 million jobs (direct, indirect, and induced), and those wage and salary workers earned $123.5 billion in total labor income.
  • Property taxes, state and local personal income taxes, and sales taxes generated directly and indirectly by the creative industries were $15.5 billion across all of California.
  • The largest direct job counts in California’s creative sector were entertainment (166,300), publishing and printing (144,400), and fashion (120,800). Together, these three industries accounted for nearly 60% of direct creative industries employment in California.
Work Based Learning

The ACA provides a solid base in creativity allowing the student to share, connect, opine and illustrate their ideas. The ACA impacts work-based learning across the WBL (work based learning) spectrum because it provides career exploration, preparation, and training. The industry standards are fully integrated into the exams.

Program Outcome – approximately 60% pass the exam
Contact for details
  • Angela Gomez-Holbrook |
  • Todd Adamson |
  • George Lee White |
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