Balloon Parade Twenty-One Balloons

It goes to show how wonderful ballooning can be. You never can tell where the winds will blow you, what fantastic good fortune they can lead you to. Long live balloons!"

The Twenty-One Balloons

Download Balloon Template HERE.

You have been given all the supplies to recreate our Balloon designs but feel free to be creative and make your own!!

Kit Includes: 1 large red & white balloon, 1 medium rainbow balloon, 1 small yellow chevron balloon, 1 small purple zigzag balloon, 1 hoop and string to hang

Medium Rainbow Balloon
  1. Cut out the medium sized paper template and using the pins provided, pin your template to the felt.
  2. Use good sharp scissors to cut your felt. Try not to move the template as you cut around.
  3. You can also trace your template with a fine tip pen. If you choose to do that however, make sure you cut just on the inside of the line so that you don't leave any dark pen markings on your finished balloon.
  4. After all your balloon segments have been cut, start sewing them together. All eight need to be sewn together and then you will turn it right-side out.
  5. There are two options in sewing them together. 1 - the running stitch 2 - the whip stitch
  6. The whip stitch is slightly easier, but you can see the stitches a bit more when turned inside out. ( See pictures above )
  7. Below is a tutorial on both stitches.
Finishing the hand sewing.
  1. After you've attached the last segment, start at the top of the balloon for the last seam.
  2. Before you start sewing down, sew through the top a few times gathering all the tips together.
  3. Now, sew down the last seam but stop a bit above the bottom. (see picture above) You need this extra room to turn the balloon inside out.
  4. Put an extra stitch or two in the same spot where you stopped. This will help the seam stay together when it's time to stuff.
Turning inside-out and stuffing
  1. Turn right-side out and stuff.
  1. Close up the remaining seam.
  2. You can use a whip stitch or the stitch I've done above.
  3. The stitch in the photos above will pull the felt together creating an internal seam.
Applying the cap.
  1. Cut out the corresponding circle.
  2. Attach with a whip stitch.
  3. As you go around, you can sew together the tips of the segments as needed.
Prepping the basket.

Time to add the basket

  1. Sew thread ( 8-10 inches long) through the cork. Tie a large knot on the bottom side of the cork basket.
  2. To tie a large knot, wrap the thread around 5 or 6 times before pulling snug. (see picture above)
Adding the basket.
  1. Sew baskets in place and tie knots. Make sure you sew the strings evenly spaced around the balloon. I like to attach all with an extra whip stitch before I tie the knots. This way I can make sure the basket is hanging evenly. Trim ends when done.

Below are pictures detailing the other balloons and videos teaching stitches.

Small purple striped balloon.

This balloon uses the blanket stitch. (see video below.)

Tip: Place a needle at an angle in your paper template. (see photo above) Use this as a guide on each of the segments you sew. This way your angles will always be the same. When you need a segment with an opposite angle, just flip the paper over.

Small Yellow Chevron Balloon
  1. To get the chevron shape, fold the paper segment in half.
  2. Use a piece of paper to draw a strait line across at an angle. (see picture above)
  3. Cut on the line.
  4. Use this same pice of paper to make a new line just below with the same angle.
  5. Cut on the line.
  6. Use the center segment you cut out to make 8 yellow chevrons.
  7. Use the whip stitch to appliqué onto your segments. (video below)
  8. I added a running stitch up the center of each segment as well.
  1. To make the red and white balloon you will cut out 8 red and 8 white large segments.
  2. Fold the paper template in half just like in the yellow chevron balloon.
  3. Cut the paper twice at the same angle using the same method as above.
  4. Use the paper template to cut all 16 segments into 3 pieces each. Place them together with colors alternating.
  5. Use the blanket stitch (video above) to sew each seam together. You can either sew each segment individually or continue from one to the next forming a long line. If you choose this second method, you will sew the entire top sections, then sew all the bottom sections in order.
  6. Proceed to step 3 on the rainbow balloon sewing all segments together.
  1. Make two clouds.
  2. Cut out the template and pin it to two layers of white felt.
  3. Sew together with the blanket stitch. (see video above)

You're almost there!

  1. Time to hang your balloons!!
  2. We've included fishing line for that purpose.
  3. Sew a strand (however long you want them to hang) through the top of the balloon.
  4. We just wrapped both ends around the hoop and tied a knot.
  5. Have a friend hold the hoop while you're doing this.
  6. Once all the pieces have been added you can retie some shorter and arrange them however you like.
  7. Lastly, take 3 or 4 strands about 12 inches long and tie them to the hoop. You'll to do this 4 times. Gather two together on opposite sides and tie snuggly. Repeat with the other strands on the opposite sides of the circle.
  8. You should end up with one bunch of strings in the center of the hoop. Tie a loop at the top to hang.

YOU did IT!!!

Now that you've made so many balloons, what else could you make? Could you sew a beanbag? What about a ball? How about other shapes like a box?

I can't wait to see What you create next!

Share pictures of your creations - finishedcrafts@handmeacraft.com

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