The word impossible is meant as a boundary or limit to something achievable in the world. We’ve all heard it, “That’s impossible, it can’t be done, don’t waste your time, why make the effort?” But with little reflection we can realize that we often achieve what was once impossible; space flights, computers, cell phones, breaking the sound barrier, cures for disease and more. It would be ridiculous to say that it is now impossible to go to the moon. Our reality is, the perceived impossible is now a goal, a target or simply a way to get to the other side.

No group is more berated with the term impossible than young people. Some would think it absurd for young people from different communities, cities and states to come together to learn and work on creating positive change in themselves, their families and communities. What if we added in the fact that these same young people are drug-free and they are excited to develop ideas to share that choice with their peers? That wouldn’t just be impossible it would be far-fetched and outrageous. Or would it? Impossible would mean that youth cannot be developed, change cannot occur, they cannot be engaged, empowered, impacted, encouraged, inspired, or connected to new friends making the same positive choices as them. The thing is, these are the exact things that they WILL experience and walk away with at a Youth to Youth summer conference. This conference is the vehicle to provide a young person with the courage and skills to debunk the impossible and make it to the other side.
An opportunity for an unrivaled youth-led training experience awaits. Youth to Youth (Y2Y) conferences address issues that are relevant to teens such as underage drinking, prescription drug misuse, opiates, marijuana, tobacco use, distracted driving, healthy relationships, stress and anxiety, suicide, body image, media influences, bullying, gender roles, mindfulness.
Youth to Youth conferences are designed for youth and their supporting adults to participate together in all aspects of the conference for a uniquely shared experience. Working side by side, they will have the opportunity to construct and/or revitalize a plan of action to implement back home. Adults will also have special “Adult Forums” to network with other like-minded adults and to learn effective strategies to guide their teens to success.
Development is a continuous and never-ending process, where one will experience growth and become empowered to advance. Y2Y continually provides young people from all over the world a chance to make positive change in themselves, their schools, communities and beyond. Y2Y is a development program with an emphasis on tobacco, alcohol and other drug prevention. The development of teens is the prevention, and our conferences are the model for youth-led prevention in action. Development also means “to start to exist”. Many youth-led programs began at a Youth to Youth conference and use them as a starting point or battery charger for the upcoming year.
The original process of a Youth to Youth conference has proven year after year to meet all six of its’ key desired outcomes. Evaluations concluded by The Ohio State University show that youth attending the conferences experience positive changes in their self-perceptions; specifically, in key areas such as knowledge about ATOD, self-efficacy and leadership. But the ability to also revise content to be fresh and innovative is what brings people back year after year to Y2Y summer conferences. These outcomes are met through uplifting small discussion groups, workshops conducted by youth and experts in the field, creative teambuilding, dynamic speakers, refreshing youth-created and delivered presentations, and of course FUN.

Y2Y conferences are designed for drug-free community coalitions, school clubs, youth serving organizations, peer educators, faith-based groups, character and asset builders and any and every kind of young person! A fair price for an amazing experience that will have an incredible impact.

It is common for a youth leadership conference to have fees into the thousands after including registration, hotel and food expenses. Our payment covers not only housing and meals, but all the fun participants can handle. This opportunity is available for incoming 8th graders through graduating seniors. The adult registration fee is also $425. This price is all inclusive and no additional charges are incurred*.

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