Star Board - Term One Week One St Matthew's Collegiate School Weekly News

Principal's Message

Kia Ora Koutou

Do you remember this from my first Newsletter?

“I come into this year with three wants- Hope and Gratitude and You. Hope – because I expect with confidence that positive outcomes will come from events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large. So, it is fair to say that I will "expect with confidence" and to "cherish desires with anticipation." Secondly, gratitude, thankfulness, or gratefulness, is a feeling of appreciation felt by and/or similar positive response shown by the recipient of kindness, gifts, help, favours, or other types of generosity, towards the giver of such gifts. Jeepers- it is not rocket science is it that we put a real emphasis on this. We certainly talk about it, and I see so much evidence of it, but let us encourage it as a habit. Finally, get involved Parents and grandparents. We want to see you and value your help.”

A positive attitude always makes the difference. It will not stop bad stuff from happening but it makes a massive difference to how you deal with the not so great stuff. I am hopeful that we will have a great year- it has certainly started out that way.

There is so much for which we should be grateful. The drizzle today although putting a dampener on some activities today, it has taken the pressure off precious water supplies in the region so for that I am grateful.

As I stated previously making positivity a habit is definitely the way to go.

Mobile Phones

We are a week into the new conditions for mobile phones onsite. You were sent the expectations, and these were delivered verbatim to the students in years 7-13, in the first two days. But for certainty I repeat them here.

Going forward girls will not bring phones to school on any day. If girls need to have them at school, they should not be seen at any time of the day between 8:10am and 3:10pm. If teachers request them for a class activity this will be advised. Staff are also adhering to these expectations as a way of role modelling what we expect.

If phones are seen being used by a staff member during or out of classtime:

1. The staff member will ask for your phone.

2. It will be taken to the office.

3. Mrs Traill will make a note on your file (KAMAR) that it has been taken from you.

4. She will pass the phone onto the senior manager with oversight to your year group.

On the first occasion the phone is to be collected from the senior manager at the end of the day. On a second occasion, parents will be contacted and asked to collect the phone for their daughter. Further occasions are continual disobedience and will be treated as such.

Parents needing to get a message to their daughter are asked to phone the school or boarding house and the message will be relayed to the student. Students needing to contact parents between 8:10am and 3:10pm must go to the office and will be instructed to use the school phone to do so.

Boarders will get access to their phones in the mornings before 8:10 so that they can read app messages, and of course my Atamarie. Other notices will go on Student Notices which are also printed every day and placed on the student Common room boards.

Students who are sick should go to the office as normal to sign out to the sickbay and if parents need to be contacted to collect their daughter then Mrs Lapslie will make the phone call.

Family Zone

Previously we had an expectation that all girls had Family Zone on their phones which families installed at home. There is now no longer that requirement from the school. As a parent you can still look to provide cyber security for your daughters( and sons) by going to the Family Zone website to learn how to install the app. It is a good system and although we do not need it during the school day, as a parent it is worth investigating for your family’s cyber safety.

How do we ensure the security of the girls on their laptops? We have N4L, Linewize and Classwize which have the security features we require. As soon as students have their devices on the school network all activity can be monitored and apps can be removed if needed.

Hats for 7&8

From this year all years 7 & 8 are expected to wear sunhats when outside on sunny days. The black school cap is available for purchase ($20), but equally if you wish to wear a plain (no writing or labels) green or plain black bucket (wide brim) hat, that is also acceptable. Mr Davidson will talk to the students in these cohorts about the ‘sunny days’ guidelines.

Makeup and Hair and Earrings

The detailed guidelines about these things will have been communicated at Whānau time but will be updated soon by Miss Glass. Basically:

- No makeup (that also includes nail and toe enhancement)

- Hair natural coloured, tied or clasped back if long enough to do so.

- Earrings- studs one in each ear lobe in pearl, gold or silver. Please note that invisible means that it cannot actually be seen. If someone has to tell you when they are questioned that what they are wearing is invisible, then it has failed the invisibility test.

Any further details about this can be discussed in the first instance with the Whānau teacher.


There are a few of these in the first few weeks to help girls bond and develop stronger relationships. Camps will also act as team building opportunities and give the different cohorts time to look at the year ahead, the school’s values, and to set some goals.


I introduced you to the new staff in my first newsletter and I am excited about what they will bring to the school. We now also welcome Miss Olivia Goodsir who joins the Social Sciences department from week two.

New families and students in 2021

On Sunday evening, as has become the practice, I invited all parents whose daugters are new to our school this year to my and Lindsay’s home, for drinks and nibbles. Without bragging it was a very successful event made so by the company of parents and the assistance of SMOGA, the Friends, Linda and Dave for the Lobsters ( how spoiled are we?) and the St Matthew’s Board.

I thank you all for being there and invite you to think about joing the Friends or SMOGA, or letting me know if you would like to help in the school in any way. I will never say no to another helping hand.

I give a plug here for the parent collectives which we have at year 9 and 10 thus far, who work to bring parents together at social events so you get to know each other.

New Zealand History in schools

Education Minister Chris Hipkins says what Kiwi students will learn about New Zealand history at school is up for public discussion.

Public engagement on draft curriculum content for Aotearoa New Zealand’s Histories to be taught in schools began yesterday and will run until 31 May.

To read more about this, put this URL into your browser: https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/teaching-nz%E2%80%99s-own-history-moves-step-closer

Covid Safety and Awareness

I will close with this by saying we as a school do not lose sight of being alert and aware of our health and safety needs. As we watch our neighbours both close and distant going in and out of Lockdown we cannot afford to be complacent.

We are making sure our protocols are in place and are being adapted as required.

Until next time...

Ka Kite

Ngā Mihi


Around School this Week

On Monday afternoon we held our Prefect's Commissioning at St Matthew's Parish Church. Our students for 2021 were also presented with their Anglican Flax badge. We wish our Prefect team all the best for the year.
The girls in 78B pose for a photo at the end of their first week.
The school has been in action this week with preparation for our Swimming Sports next Friday. Congratulations to all the girls, especially the new students who got stuck in and completed their standards. Many students have also turned up at lunchtime and after school to complete lengths for their House.
Kaitlyn Williams (Year 9) and Harriet Klingender (Year 12) received their Papawai-Kaikokirikiri Scholarships last week.

Senior College News

It was a great pleasure at the beginning of the week to welcome officially the new cohort of Year 12 girls onto the Rathkeale site, and both Year 12 boys and girls into the Senior College. For the first time, a whakatau took place in beautifully warm sunshine. This week we also welcomed Mrs Angela Lammas into the Senior College team as one of the Deans in Year 12.

Our new Senior College tie has arrived and will be issued soon. Students in Year 12 will be required to have one as part of their uniform. Ties will also be offered to students in Year 13 and my hope is that many students will want to have one. The cost is about $22.

Taking on the responsibilities of a School Prefect is a significant step, and I very much enjoyed the opportunity to support the girls at the St Matthew’s Collegiate Prefect Commissioning service earlier in the week. The Rathkeale School Prefects have now been announced and their Commissioning Service takes place next Tuesday morning, in the auditorium.

Our Year 12 Activity Day is in full swing, concluding with a presentation by Dr Farah Palmer and Wesley Clarke. The hope of today’s activities is that through a series of fun activities, all students will start to make some connections, complementing those that will have already started to develop in the classroom.

Year 12 students in the Fashion Room undertaking 'shirt conversions'.

Congratulations to all of last year’s leavers who gained Scholarships, announced yesterday! Special congratulations to Mair Gibbs who gained two, (one in Classical Studies and an Outstanding Scholarship in English) and Charles Gordon who gained an Outstanding Scholarship in Photography.

Adam Gordon

Rathkeale College Deputy Principal and Head of Senior College

School Notices

Swimming Sports

Our Swimming Sports take place next Friday at 11.15am. The girls will have their normal Period 1 and 2. Years 7-11 girls are able to wear their school tracksuit to school with their PE gear. Seniors must wear uniform for the first two periods of the day and get changed when they arrive back at SMS.

The Friends of SMS will be on deck, selling refreshments throughout the day.

School App

If you are new to SMS please follow the link to install our school app.

For current families, please update your subscription groups by clicking on the cog in the top right hand of the screen. It will take you to the groups for you to change.

Sport Department

Swimming Sports 2021 & Parent V Daughter Tennis and Cricket

This year Swimming sports will be held on 12th February 2021 11.15am 3.15pm. The event is a compulsory school event which all students are to attend. Parents, caregivers friends and family are invited to spectate and support the girls. Further details such as the programme will be communicated as soon as finalised.

This year we see the return of the hugely competitive and entertaining Parent V Daughter Tennis and Cricket competition. Tennis is a tournament where you compete as a parent daughter combination, however Cricket is parents v daughters. Both with a trophy on the line (and bragging rights of course)!

The tennis tournament and cricket game will be run after Swimming Sports with a 3.30pm start (weather permitting).

If you are interested in competing in either Tennis or Cricket please email sport@stmatts.school.nz to register.


As advised per letter to parents 16.12.2020, the bank account for TSTB St Matthew’s Collegiate School has been changed to ASB 12-3400-0005875-07.

Please update the details when paying your school debtor account, and reference your family/account code.

If you have an existing direct debit arrangement there is no need to make any changes, as the new bankers, ASB, will facilitate the transfer from Westpac to ASB.

Homestays for International Students

We are seeking families to host our international students over exeat weekends and holidays.

They are from Y9 to 13 and from Japan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. Homestay fees will be paid to you to assist with any cost for your hospitality. Please contact me if you are interested in hosting.

Junko Bracefield - junko.bracefield@trinityschools.nz

Parent Portal

I letter was sent to day to all parents in Year 7-11 with their parent portal access details. If you have any trouble with this please contact Alison Glass at alison.glass@trinityschools.nz

Student Information

All students in Years 7-11 have received a 'Student Information' booklet with details on all aspects of school. This includes uniform standards. A copy of this also sits on the app under latest news and is on the information tab on the website.

Dates for 2021

Tuesday 9-Thursday 11 February - Year 9 Camp - Riversdale (information for parents will be sent out shortly)

Friday 12 February - SMS Swimming Sports

Monday 22 - Thursday 25 February - Year 11 Camp (Whanganui River)

Tuesday 23 - Thursday 25 February - Year 7/8 Camp (El Rancho)

Friday 26 February - SMS Twilight Athletics (late start)

Term Dates 2021

Term One 2021

Monday 1st February – Friday 16th April

Term Two 2021

Monday 3rd May – Friday 9th July

Term Three 2021

Monday 26th July – Friday 1st October

Term Four 2021

Monday 18th October – End of Year Date TBC

Community Events