Ancient Civilization Essay Myan, AZTEC, and Inca Civilizations

First paragraph-- you will be introducing your civilization. You will let the reader know the 3 things (subtopics) that you will be discussing about in your essay.

Second Paragraph - This paragraph will be all about your first subtopic. Please include the factual information you found in your own words.

Third paragraph- This paragraph will include the information that you found for your second subtopic. Again make sure that you are putting it in your own words.

Fourth paragraph- This paragraph will be all about your last subtopic.

*****Be sure to cite all your resources*****

Conclusion paragraph- This is your 5th and final paragraph. Wrap up all you have discussed and be sure to include where the reader can find additional information if they need to.

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Created with images by justinmaier - "Chichen Itza: Myan Observatory" • mattiaverga - "chichen itza pyramid mexico" • austinstar - "huehuecoyotl aztec aztec god" • Arian Zwegers - "Chichen Itza, El Castillo" • 16:9clue - "Civilization"

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