Journey Log 8 Dukes-willyd-ranger-creativity

My past week has been blurred with minecraft. I have discovered that I am not very knowledgeable about the game which makes me lucky that we play in creation mode. However, after seeing how poor my skills are even in creation mode, I decided to check out some of the additional work it takes to play in survival mode. I discovered a minecraft wiki that is a database of information on minecraft and tutorials for everything there is to know. The site has so many links and so many separate pages that it made my head spin.

Luckily enough for me, I get to play on creation mode so all I have to do is be creative. This is what my last week mostly consisted of: Hitting road blocks and thinking of alternative solutions to get around these road blocks. An example of this was when I dropped through a hole trying to build a tunnel on a flat map. Instead of building a tunnel system I decided that inside my pyramid i would build a giant statue of an Pharaoh. I was creative in using gold and emeralds to decorate the Pharaoh statue as well.

As if I was unsure of my capabilities in minecraft I googled who was the best minecraft team in the world. What popped up was Team Arcadia, a professional build team that will work for hire and have built more intricate worlds than I have ever imagined ("Professional Minecraft Build Team"). The vision that the builders on these teams have is beyond my imagination. Their creativity, and ability to not be overwhelmed is something I cannot understand at this point in my life.|119|54fb6e1bec9da

I get flustered when I look at big scale items. The only way I can complete them is to separate the item into small pieces, and the more pieces I complete, the more confident I will become about being able to complete the entire project or task.

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