ABoriginal Day @ Central June 11, 2019

Our Aboriginal Day was a success in so many ways! We participated in Aboriginal arts, activities and games. Our students and staff had a great time hanging out together outside. The weather cooperated and there was lots of cooperative, competitive spirit!

Our homerooms created flags representing different Aboriginal cultures in Canada. Then each flag travelled with homeroom teams from station to station.
Each homeroom colored 30 tiles
Then the challenge was to piece together the whole art image
Inuit game of strength & agility
May the strongest win! Lots of muscle in action.
Relaxing and eating Bannock
Aiming for the hoop
A challenge for sure ~ Mr. Sherman was brave
Tonnes of fun trying to outsmart and outmuscle opponents!


  • Ms. Davies, our Ab Ed Coach-Mentor, for organizing and coordinating the day.
  • Mrs. Klemmer, our Ab Ed support staff, for preparing bannock and lunch.
  • Beverly Bowles, our Ab Ed Council parent rep, for being with us and helping with all kinds of things.
  • Barb Croswell, our Concession Chef, for cooking lunch.
  • Mr. McKechnie, our Push-Pull coach, Ms. Brown, our Lacrosse coach, Mrs. MacLean, our Speer & Hoop coach, Mr. Roszmann, our Muskox coach, Mrs. Winstead, our art coach, and Jackie Spurrell, our Family Support worker & Bannock coach for running stations.
Ended our Aboriginal Day with a tasty BBQ. Thank-you to Shell Canada for donating the BBQ for the day. Much appreciated.
Created By
Diana Lindstrom, Principal

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