Review on the new and improved Antigone By: Alora chisholm

The new Antigone movie, originally by Sophocles. Is the new hot topic in the us because of its contemporary twist on the plot and of course the actors.

New contemporary issues have been added and now the plot goes by Antigones ( Jennifer Laurence ) brothers are dead on a battle field after one brother wanted all of the inhearitance to himself and the other didn't like that. In the beginning Antigone goes home to Ismene ( Chloe Grace Mortetz ) and tells her plan to get her brother off the battle field. Creon (Leonardo DiCaprio ) is introduced is a general of the army. Antigone buries her brother and gets caught and is put in an old bomb shelter where she hangs herself and then so does Creons son ( Konrad Annerud ) I picked this piece because I am a huge fan of the actors and plot of this play.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Creon

DiCaprio played the role of Creon amazingly from how Creons personality is very different from his own to how creon has an enormouis ego throughout the movie.

Jennifer Laurence as Antigone

Jennifer Laurence really became Antigone in this movie. Jennifer has sort of the same personality as Antigone which really helped her While doing this role.

Chloe Grace Mortetz as Ismene

Chloe has had a big change of personality since her last movie "The Fifth Wave" that it is amazing how she played Ismene because Ismene is supposed to be a shy and sort of a cowardly character.

Konrad Annerud as Haemon

Konrad Annerud acted as Haemon very well especially with his two big scenes, when Haemon was arguing with his father, Creon, and when Haemon finds out that Antigone had hung her self. Those were really powerful scenes that turned out amazing.

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