The World Acording To Grace Kirk


Mt. Everest is a beautiful wonder of the world that many have tried to climb but failed. Is seeing such a goergous thing really worth your life plus money. Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world with an astonishing 29,035 elevation but the hard ships one must go through to see this view and the cost of things they need just to be safe are already life risking not to mention the many avalanches, craveses, and little oxygen spots on the mountain. Climbing the mountain is also very time consuming if you want to stay healthy while climbing the mountain. Also the amount of gear you need plus a permit, aquitment, and basic needs you need to stay alive while climbing the mountain can cost over 200,00 dollars. I understand the beauty that you would endure when you climb Mt. Everest but to me I don't think it is worth my life or well being.

Globalization is can make the world weaker and stronger. In my opinion there are strong reasons ways that globalization helps the world. I think this because of the many strong reasons. When we use globalization other countries are getting a chance to work more to have less unemployment. This can also decrease the amount of poverty. It can also help because countries will be able to use their traits to help make products.

Bucket List


Having a valuable recourse can make the region better or worse. Having a valuable resource can make the region wealthier. Oil is a very important recourse and many people want to buy it. It offers many jobs to people across the region. Valuable recourses can start controversy. Once the region has pumped crude oil out of the ground countries are eager to gather it. This can start wars. Also once a nonrenewable resource is used up even if there is oil reserves the region will be forced to turn to renewable recourses. All in all having a valuable resource can make a region better or worse in different ways. Although having a valuable resource can help a country with their life expectancy and growth domestic product it can also attract many countries that want this valuable resource for themselves.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region.

People adapt to living in a desert region by using oasies . That also use palm dates as natural resources. People have also upset clothing and shifting agricultural to keep cool and have enough food.An oasis is a pool of clean water in the middle of the desert. It is where most people get their water from.Many towns are built around oases and date palms because they provide so much for a town. Most towns will have an oasis and date palms.They have also learned to adapt to the drought and wear light loose clothing to protect them from the heat. Many nomads will use cloth to cover their faces. Many people use shifting agricultural to grow food and then abandon the land.There is a group of nomads that uses cloth to cover their faces and sometimes they will never take it off.In conclusion there are many ways people have adapted to the desert region.

What does it mean to be a good citizen?

A good citizen should be considerate of others and do their res responsibilities. A good citizen should also pay their taxes because it is a responsibility that is illegal not to follow. Also during an election a good citizen should vote because it is not good not to vote. They should also use the freedom of speech right and speak up for what they think is right. Also a good thing a citizen can do is protect public property for it is a responsibility for the citizens of America. That is what a good citizen should do!

Why is Goverment necessary?

Government is needed because without it our country could go into complete anarchy and cause problems. An example of this is a country Roy with no laws to stop anyone from doing anything bad. Also citizens could be treated unfairly because there is now law to stop the so they could lose their rights which the government gave them. Some citizens wouldn't take care of their responsibilities which could cause more problems. Also without there being any leaders there wouldn't be anyone to protect them. In conclusion a country could be dangerous without goverment.

EU Paragraph

If I were in the EU I would decide to leave the EU. The reasons I would leave the EU are that the centrifugal forces seem more strong that the centripetal forces. In the EU the supranational government is always above you and your thoughts are usually not noticed. Although the EU takes away borders that reduces tariff I would fear for my country's safety and be aware of the people who could harm my country.


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