A Taste of Festival Rum Bahamas 2016

We're just back from the third annual Festival Rum Bahamas - a three day immersion in Bahamian food, culture and rum - and all we can say is...WOW!!!

This year's festival delivered the diverse selection of Bahamian, Caribbean and international rums; unique and informative presentations on rum-relevant topics and mouth-watering plates of traditional and rum-inspired foods we had come to expect from previous years.

But it didn't stop there.

For 2016, Festival Rum Bahamas truly raised the bar (pun intended). The activities were bolder (like zip-lining across the top of the historic fort), entertainment was even more spectacular (including performances by several Bahamian music icons) and crowd turn-out was the largest yet.

For Festival Rum Bahamas, three times certainly proved to be a charm!

Festival Rum Bahamas: A Celebration of Rum, Food and Culture

While we put the finishing touches on a series of write-ups, photographs and videos that will capture the essence of food, rum, culture and fun at the heart of this spirited Bahamian Festival we thought you might enjoy this quick teaser. It will give you a taste of the Festival Rum Bahamas 2016 experience and a preview of what's to come from Caribbean Soul Trekkers.


Sampling Bahamian-made Ron Ricardo Rum

Rum, Glorious Rum!

No matter how you prefer your rum - aged, light, gold, dark, traditional, agricole, overproof, single barrel, English-style, Spanish-style, spiced, flavored or even mixed into a cocktail - you were sure to find something to please your pallate among over thirty Bahamian, Caribbean and international rum brands featured at Festival Rum Bahamas.

Members of Rum Bahamas Team serving the festival's signature cocktail, The Dirty Mule. Even after three years, we haven't been able to lock down the recipe. Hmmm...Maybe that's their way of making sure we'll be back again next year.
Welcoming our friend Clinton "CJ" Jackson from Rum Runners International (shout out to Maryland!) to Festival Rum Bahamas with Dirty Mules in hand.
Festival Rum Bahamas offered countless opportunities to sample new and exciting rum concoctions like those served at the Pirate's Bar - bursting with succulent mango, citrus and pink grapefruit flavors.

Rum Shots

Sipping and star-gazing
Clockwise from top left: 1) Preparing a special mojito with Abuelo Rum from Panama, 2) Rum samples from Alexandra at the Fort, 3) Enjoying local Bahamian rum, Ron Ricardo, 4) Mixing up a lavender-infused cocktail with Plantation Rum
Awards from the Rum Tasting Competition Courtesy of Plantation Rum

Food and Culture

Culinary Delights from Chef Ron Johnson

One of Several Culinary Presentations from Chef Ron Johnson at the Sugarcane Kitchen

Festival Rum Bahamas was so much more than just a rum event. Guests experienced Bahamian culture through food and culture as well.

Foodies feasted on traditional Bahamian dishes and modern spinoffs inspired by and infused with rum including gourmet preparations by Chef Ron Johnson and Chef Geoffrey Blythe.

Pirate enthusiasts laughed and danced with pirates in the streets and gasped with excitement as they witnessed vivid reenactments.

Film and history buffs took in lectures and movies with rum, pirate and Caribbean themes.

Art and craft lovers browsed booths with Bahamian-made paintings, crafts, jewelry and candles on display.

WIth Former President of BaHamas National Trust, Pericles Maillis

Dance and music lovers were treated to the infectious sounds of soca, junkanoo, steel drum, kompa, reggae and rake and scrape. Bahamian music legends like Ronny Butler, The Ancient Man and Funky D along with modern groups like Visage captivated audiences for hours.

Bahamian dancers took to the stage and Emanji circus performers took to the crowds where they engaged onlookers in their banter and impromptu performances.

Skilled Bahamian artist Andrew Knowles applying body art...
...with impressive results
Bahamian music superstar Ronnie Butler captivated the crowd with a string of his well-known hits
Visage performing Soca to a jam-packed audience
Eric Minns, Bahamian music legend and author, graced the stage at the 2016 Festival Rum Bahamas
A spirited Junkanoo band closed out each night of the festival

Stay tuned for more Festival Rum Bahamas from Caribbean Soul Trekkers!

This trip was sponsored by Bahamas Tourist Association and Festival Rum Bahamas. The views and opinions expressed in this article are entirely those of Caribbean Soul Trekkers.

The vibrant crew from Alexandra at the Fort
Created By
Naya Blue Mango Eddie


All photos in this post are the sole property of Caribbean Soul Trekkers, LLC

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