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The Country of Djibouti is located on the continent of Africa. The geographic theme of location is where something is located. The country's relative location is that it is bordered by Eithiopia.
The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti. The exact location of Djibouti is 11.825 degrees North and 42.5903 degrees East.

Men working in the capital of Djibouti.

Military drills are taking place in the capital city.

Soldiers preparing for combat drills in Djibouti.

Food is being prepared in the capital.

Driving and leaning in the capital city.
Djibouti is located on the continent of Africa.
An old Djibouti cave drawing.
Djibouti is mostly a vast desert wasteland. In central Djibouti though they have scattered volcanic plateaus. Djibouti also contains many small lakes.
The warmest month in Djibouti is August. The rainiest month on average is December. On average the coolest month is January.
Warm sunny beaches and camels.
Djibouti is bordered by the gulf of Aden, Eritrea, Somalia andEthiopia.
Map of Africa.
Lake Assal and lake Abbe are major sources of water for Djibouti.
A man floating in lake Assal.
Place The geographic definition of place is where something is located on the earth.
Djibouti is rich in salt, gold, granite, pumice, and petroleum.
Natural resources of Djibouti.
The two largest Ethnic groups in Djibouti are the Afar and the Issa-Somalian. These ethnic groups make up 95% of the population.

A kid in Djibouti.

Men working hard in the streets.

A baby being rescued.

Some dancing in Djibouti.

People selling Watermelons on the street corner in Djibouti.

9/10 of the population in Djibouti is Muslim. Only 1/10 if the population is Christian.
The Quran and the Holy Bible.
The major holidays that are celebrated in Djibouti are Romadan, Christmas, and Independence Day. Djibouti is entertained with many different types of people.
Candles and presents.
Djiboutis government is a republic. Their government means that the people hold the power. They have the same government as the USA does. The main source of money for Djibouti is fishing, salt and mining.
Human Envieroment Interaction
The geographic definition of human environment interaction is how human interact with the environment.
Tomatoes and Date Palms are a big part of the crops grown in Djibouti due to limited Agricultue.
Crops of Djibouti.
The types of jobs that exist in Djibouti are fishing and growing crops mainly tomatoes.
Fishing in lake Assal and the main crop of Djibouti.
The Djibouti Francolin and the Beira are the two endangered species of Djibouti.
The Djibouti Frankolin and the Beira.
The environmental problems that consist in Djibouti are dry land. The country is very limited in growing crops because of theinfertile soil. Many fake rains have been dropped in the area in hopes of having the soil become more fertile.
The geographic definition of Region can be classified as man made landforms or naturally occurring landforms to define an area.
The education system in Djibouti is very limited. They have fallen very short of the French education system in which it was modeled after.
Education in Djibouti.
The total population of Djibouti is 872,932 people. The density is 30.2 people per square kilometer.
The total land of Djibouti 8,958 miles squared.
The GDP per capita of Djibouti is $2,180.
The life expectancy for males in Djibouti is 61 years. The female life expectancy is also the same at 61 years.
The overall literacy rate of Djibouti is 67.9%.
Djibouti is located in the desert region.
The geographic definition of movement is the moving from one place to another, or spreading ideas and culture around the world.
Djibouti is known for its exporting of salt. This is how the country makes a lot of its money. Djibouti is also known for the exporting of gold.
Salt and gold.
The significance of the Djibouti flag is that it's marking the country's independence. They gained their independence from France in 1977. To the people of Djibouti this means independence. It serves the ideas that they deserve to be able to govern themselves.
Djibouti gained its independence in 1977. The overwhelming vote to become a free country won and the country was officially declared as free.
Djibouti and its technology are still behind, but it's growing. Their internet is still a working progress. Their military has tanks, guns, and some branches of ven have modern computers. Most people though in Djibouti don't have a lot of technology to their access.
The Djibouti military and the country's internet cables.
The most common means of transport in Djibouti are railways and seaports. These are the 2 most used means of transportation in the country.

A railway in Djibouti

Another railway in Djibouti.

Transporting animals by the seaport.

Railway and train in Djibouti.
My first piece of current news has to do with a Chinese miItary base located in Djibouti. The USA is very weary if this. The two competitive country's have no natural border to seperate them. The USA was shocked to learn though that Djibouti gave China a 10 year lease for the military base. The USA will peep in on the situation quite a bit. It feels as if the tensions are rising.
Djibouti soldiers.
My second current news is that the Djibouti president Ismal Omar Guelleh won his 4th term. The president has a tight grip on power in the country. He has been a friendly president to Djibouti though. His reign may have controlled most the power in Djibouti but you couldn't say it has been a bad reign though. Most the people in Djibouti really like their president.
Solluting the Djibouti president.
Djibouti is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. They have beautiful beaches, friendly people, and awesome year round weather. This country has great food as well. One of their favorite foods is the banana fritters. They have the perfect amount of sweetness in them. Djibouti is also rich in fish if you want to take your family fishing. Their beaches are the perfect places to take family walks and even get alone time with your significant other. They have beautiful hotels where your family can stay.
The wonderful beaches and the famous Apple Firtters.
Djibout is such a family friendly place that it would be a shame if your family didn't get to come visit. Maybe you would like to go by yourself to get some alone time. Come on down to Djibouti and let all your troubles just float away.
Most children in Djibouti during the day do not go to school. They go get water and food for their families. Some children though do go to school. They are considered the lucky ones. The education cutoff in Djibouti is 16 years old. Most children walk miles and miles in order to get water and food. Their schooling is based on categories. The most basic the primary education. The next level of schooling is the middle schooling. The most advanced of the educations is the secondary education.
The most elite of Djibouti go to the university of Djibouti. This is where the smartest and wealthiest people go. In the basic schooling they learn English, Math, and Language arts. Most kids in Djibouti have the job of getting water and food, but some work on fishing ports. Some help work on mining and railways. This would be considered their after school jobs.
Kids in Djibouti spend their free time by fishing, swimming, and spending time with their families. The most popular artist in Djibouti are Issa Aptidon and Said Helaf. They both focus on their ability to sing deeply. They have very rich voices and come up with their own songs. They are mostly solo artists. The men in Djibouti wear Macawiss and the women wear a Dirac to cover their bodies.
Some of the popular things in Djibout fishing, swimming and spending time with family.
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