i like dogs marlena steenerson

Georgia Summit's dog underwent a surgery that had an 80% chance of leaving her paralyzed, so her and her students began developing doggy wheelchairs to make sure pooches can stay on their feet. 12/8/16

All the way in the Netherlands, Sue the Border Collie is using her brain to trick humans into playing fetch with her. Sue tosses her ball over the fence, then waits innocently to throw it back over. 12/9/16

When adopting a dog, many believe the myth that the perfect dog will gaze lovingly into your eyes, but this isn't true. According to recent studies, desirable characteristics in a dog include a friendly interaction, and maintaining the human's attention rather than laying down facing away from potential home providers. 12/12/16.
Sophie was called in as a report of a dead dog left in a crate, (top). When responders arrived they discovered Sophie was still alive and breathing. Weighing only 9.5 lbs, she was rushed to the vet for treatment. One of the nurses offered to foster Sophie for the night and they quickly connected. After Sophie's recovery, the nurse adopted her to be apart of the family. (12/13/16).
When a small dog was in danger of drowning in a freezing lake, one man risked his life and dove into the lake to save the bobbing dog. The man eventually grabs ahold of the dog and they drift to a ledge to safety. (12/14/16).
When Fiona Robson came home from work, she was surprised to see that her two dogs had knocked over a bottle of booze on the utility bench and got themselves drunk. Not knowing their conditions, Fiona took them to the vet and was happy to discover that everything would be okay. (12/15/16).
Mary the Pit Bull was discarded and locked in a dumpster just hours before being rescued and giving birth to 7 healthy puppies. Many are calling it a Christmas Miracle, hense her name. (12/16/16).
Olive the pug disappeared for 10 days after being spooked by fireworks. Nichola Jones was walking her pup when her dog led her to a hole where Olive was discovered. Nichola made a Facebook post about the new found dog & word got to Olive's original owner & she was safely returned. (12/19/16)
Darcy the miracle dog has recently won an award after plummeting 60 feet down a concrete dam. Darcy was rescued and taken to the vet where it was discovered that air was leaking into her chest, her liver was damaged, and her pelvis and legs were fractured and dislocated. Over several months, Darcy has been healing and been going to recovery therapy where she grows stronger everyday. (12/20/16)
Demi the Canadian pup was found nearly frozen to death at only 5 weeks. When some volunteer rescuers discovered her, Demi was quickly rushed to the hospital where she has been recovering and receiving care. (12/21/16).
A women and her daughter fled from her abusive boyfriend and were forced to place their dog in a kennel. The price was too high to bail Cuddles out. One generous donor saw the story and put forward enough money to make sure their family was together for Christmas.(12/22/16).

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