Coffee time

ESP Summer School, Balti - Chisinau , Moldova, 3-10 July 2016

Anna Chiarenza - IPSSEOA Karol Wojtyla - Catania -Italy

Short survey

Write the answers on your exercise book.

1. Do you like coffee? Try to explain why you like it or you don't like it. ( I like the taste; I like it because it gives energy;

2. How do you like your coffee? (if you answered NO to the previous question tell how you like your tea)

3. When do you usually drink coffee? (in the morning, after lunch, .....)

Now, please, ask the questions to the other people in the room and find two people who have two things in common with you.

Let's create groups of three.... we are going to have probably three groups.

What adjective would you use to define coffee?

With your group try to find three adjectives that can best describe coffee.

Share the info with the other groups and make a final list of the three best adjectives and write them on the board!

How can your coffee be?

What size?

Do you know that Starbucks has different sizes?

Are coffee shops all the same around the world?


Do you know how to prepare an Italian espresso?

Do you know how to make it with a stove top coffe maker?

Let's follow some simple instructions:

1) Remove the coffee holder, use either filtered or fresh cold water from the tap and fill the bottom part of the pot with water to just below the safety valve.

2) Replace the coffee holder into the base of the pot and fill with coffee using a spoon trying not to spill it everywhere. The smaller the pot the harder not to make a mess!

3) Once the coffee holder is full, gently level it off. Don’t fill or compress the coffee too much as the water will struggle to penetrate it properly. Note, depending on the bean and grind, a little pressure can be good and can help get the crema.

4) Now screw the top of the pot onto the base nice and tightly, making sure there is no unwanted water in it .

5) Place the pot onto the stove or hob. The main thing to remember is that we are gently heating the water to the point where it just starts to boil and gently passes through the coffee and up into the top part of the pot.

While waiting for our coffe please enjoy an old song about coffee:

If you want to know more about songs and coffee .... this is the link

Let's see if your expectation where correct

First of all I want to thank Daniela for this wonderful experience, then I want to thank the students that have done a great job and all the teachers; the FELT staff, particularly Veronica and Nicoletta; last, but not least the FELT School and LED. Grazie mille!


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