Should schools enforce dress codes By sopHia wilson

61 percent of students say that school shooting is from bullying. Bullying can be caused by insecurities and that makes you an easy target. Insecurities can be caused by having to wear clothing that you don't personally think you look good in.

Do you think that schools should enforce dress codes? How extreme can schools be with dress codes? Schools can go as far as they want with dress codes, so you better be prepared for it. Do schools have dress codes about makeup? Some people think that makeup is about impressing people but a lot of people say that it is to express yourself, what do you think? Do some schools not have a dress code? Some people that have dress codes might have friends that have dress codes and they might think that they have a better school. Do some people with dress codes like the dress codes? Some people might think that dress codes are good for schools and that all schools should have them, what about you? Do people without dress codes wish that they did? If you didn't have a dress codes would you want one? Should schools enforce dress codes or uniforms?

Some people say that they shouldn't wear inappropriate cloths to school because it could lead to violence. Some adults think that having everyone either wear the same thing or similar thing could reduce the amount of bullying. Also some cloths might distract some people from focusing.

According to, they say that students should dress in a manner to where the students cant be distracted. Some people think that wearing a choice of cloths that might be against a dress code could encourage violence. If you wear some cloths that are inappropriate it could lead to bad language. Some people think that schools should not have dress codes. That could lead to distraction and violence.

If you do think that nothing will happen if you wear these cloths you can get in much trouble.

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