Rosie The tale of rosie

Rosie loves pops

Rosie and me are perfect to be

Noise Rosie

Rosie is a brave cat She has a very nice owner that loves her she was my pet once but we moved away so now my Grammy and pop-pop own her I am visiting from were I lived so we visited her. She will almost be 15 years old.


Buddy is not nice to people but he is nice to me he has two friends one is a dog one is a cat sometimes buddy even acts like he is a cat p.s he is a boy.

Old buddy has a lot of energy

Lily is amazing because she loves people and she likes to be cuddled and she has a lot of fur just a Warner

Lily licks

Gourmet Christmas dinner for lily

Lily loves the snow in theback yard sadly it's going away she loves it.

Lily with her best buddy

I wanted to name lily dazy but my family wanted to name her lily what name do you like better

Idaho was ment to be

Payet lake is a amazing secret

Worlds best secret is Idaho

Forever beautiful

Idaho Is forever living

Life with boats

Life is full of adventure

Home sweet home
McCal town

Sadly this Is the end of the story but here is a good thing adventures never end but this story had to end.


For it is tomorrow for today is the past in life

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