How to Share a Transcript Adobe Certification & Credential Management System

To proceed with the tutorial, you must log in to your Adobe Credential Manager account.

If you have never logged in or need help logging in to Adobe Credential Manager, click here for more information.

The Transcripts Link

After you have arrived to your account's home page, locate and click on the Transcripts link in the top navigation menu.

Choosing Where to Share Your Transcript

After you are inside the Transcripts section navigate towards the right side of the screen and locate the Share column. Here, you can choose a social media platform to share your transcript on. We will use LinkedIn for this tutorial.

Signing In to Your Social Media

After you click on the LinkedIn icon, a new window will open prompting you to input your login information for your LinkedIn account. Click Sign In to continue.

Confirm Before Sharing

After you are logged in, you will be asked to confirm sharing your transcript before posting it on LinkedIn. Feel free to edit any of the information on the screen and once completed click Share to post on your profile.

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