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This event happened 3 billion years ago

This event was important to earths history because without it we wouldn't have country's and continents. Only when plate tectonics had come into aperation could the first continent come into being.
Plate tectonic movement


Alfred Wegener came up with multiple pieces of evidence to support his theory of continental drift. One of his evidence was that the east coast of Brazil match the fossils found in Western South Africa. Also, he noticed that a lot of the fossilised life found in the rock record didn't fit the climates they were found in. He concluded that the continents must 'drift' around the earth, occasionally colliding with one another.


Alpine Fault

The southern part of New Zealand is where the Australian techtonic plate is digging down around 200 kilometres deep under the Pacific Plate, causing the Australian plate to rise. Most of the movement in the Alpine Fault is sideways, but because of the mountain region their is a small amount of upwards movement.

Kermadec Trench Ridge

The kermadec trench ridge is where the Australian and Pacific Plate meet and something's collide, causeing seismic activity wihich can lead to things like mountains and volcanoes forming.

Taupo Volcanic Zone

The Northren part of New Zealand is where the Pacific Plate is digging downwards under the Australian Plate, causing magma to erupt through volcanoes of host have created due to other plates on earth.


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