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Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

Mount Everest is worth the risk because you get major bragging rights, you can be one of the few people who have made it to the top and even be a part of the elite eight, you get to share your experience with other people using social media and you will keep the experience with you for the rest of your life.

Mount Everest pictures (one picture of snapchat and Instagram)

Globalization is making the world stronger. Globalization can raise people out of poverty because there are more available jobs that may have a higher pay. Globalization connects different parts of the world together to creat one thing, there can be a whole world behind one shirt. Globalization can also make processes more efficient, for example three machines can collect enough cotton for more than nine million T-shirts with only two human supervisors.


American flag

What makes a good citizen?

To be a good citizen means that although you have certain rights they all come with responsibilities , for example U.S citizens have the right to vote. but in order to vote it is a responsibility to stay informed. Also if you are not responsible with your rights it may affect other people like if someone blasts music in the middle of the night they could be affecting their neighbors if they want to sleep. This means that you need to follow both political and social laws, an example of a political law is paying taxes, where as a social law would be not to yell fire if there is no fire, (although you have the freedom of speech.) In conclusion A good citizen is respectful with their rights.

Limited v.s. Unlimited

What is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government?

The difference between limited and unlimited governments is how much control or power that the government gets. Limited governments have limits on what they can and can't do, they do not have a lot of control or power over the citizens. Limited governments has more restraints on what it can and can't do, such as the five limits of government. The government would have to stay within these limits. Democracy and constitutional monarchy are two forms of governments that are limited. Unlimited governments have total control because their are no limits, and have a lot of power over the citizens. Unlimited governments have no limit to their power or control and no constitution to follow. An unlimited government could basically do whatever they want. Unlimited governments also don't usually respect the citizens rights and often citizens fear unlimited governments. In conclusion unlimited governments get all of the control and overrule the citizens whereas limited governments don't get a lot of control and consider the citizens.

The EU flag

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

In a supranational cooperation there are forces that work both for and against it. A centrifugal force is a force that works against the supranational cooperation (the European Union.) The Euro would be an example of a centrifugal force because not everyone gets to use the Euro which brings up a lot of conflict for the people that can't and would like to use the Euro, another example of a centrifugal force is the fact that there are so many different languages and cultures in the European Union which would make it hard for people to communicate with people in other countries that speak different languages, also each country has a different way of life and adding on to that some laws may not work with another country's culture, for example the law that you can't serve food too long after it has been cooked made a country that's best dish was served a day after being cooked, and more conflict hurts the EU. A centripetal force is a force that works for the Supranational cooperation (the European Union.) A trade block would be an example of a centripetal force because it is the countries that work together to promote trade with one another, and by doing that it brings the countries together. Another centripetal force for the EU is citizenship because when the separate countries feel as though they all belong to one common region which brings them together as one. In conclusion a Centrifugal force will work against a supranational cooperation such as the EU and start to pulls the countries apart whereas a centripetal works for a supranational cooperation such as the EU and brings the countries together.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt to living in a desert region in many ways, trading food and goods and wearing good clothing for the desert are two very important ways. The clothing that people wear is a very important adaptation adaptation to living in the desert because it can change how the sun climate and sand affect you. Most people in the desert wear long loose clothes and robes because it protects them from the sun, they also wear cloth around their head and face to protect them. These long loose robes may be different colors, the Tuareg are known for their blue robes. (If they wore thick tight clothing it would be very uncomfortable and very hot.) Trading food and goods is a very important adaptation because people in the desert need to have enough of everything. When the Tuareg reach an oasis the nomads trade meat, cheese or milk for grain, vegetables, fruit, Palm dates and water. they trade whatever is accessible/plentiful to them for what they can't get often. It is important that the people living in the desert get enough of everything. People usually trade at an oasis. In conclusion trading food and goods, and wearing appropriate clothing for the desert are very important adaptations because they can both impact your well being living in the desert.

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

A valuable resource can affect a region in many ways, two of these ways are making the country wealthier, and getting the country more allies. Having a non renewable and very valuable recourse such as crude oil in a country can make it very wealthy, because lots of other countries need the oil. Countries that don't have large oil reserves will pay a good amount of money to get the oil. Since oil is a non renewable resource it makes it more valuable, which means that regions that are oil full (have large oil reserves)can make a lot of money from selling the oil to countries that don't. A country can get more ally's from having oil because they wouldn't give oil to an enemy country, they would give it to a country that they know they can count on. There for more countries would want to be allies with an oil rich country. Countries that have a valuable resource like oil can use it to their advantage in order to get allies. Countries would want to allies with an oil rich country because then they could get more oil for a better price. In conclusion having a valuable resource such as oil can have many effects, and Getting more allies and getting wealthier are just two of them.


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