Where I'm From By Sadie Backstrom

I am from a guitar
From the farmers market,
And long walks in the woods with mom.
I am from the fire burning late at night as we gather for a homemade supper.
I am from the wilderness in my backyard,
And building forts and castles with friends.
I am from cinnamon buns on a Christmas
And family jam sessions,
From mom and dad
And my little sister Nora
I am from wild superstition
And recovering addiction.
From "Winners never quit"
To "Don't worry bout a thing".
I am from Christian school and church,
But believing other things too.
I am from the Cambridge hospital,
Italian meatballs,
And Irish potatoes.
From the time Grandmas dog got out
And the whole neighborhood was looking for him,
And my nieces first smile.
I am from secret family recipies,
And knick-knacks which we can never seem to get rid of.
How, even through all the years,
These things never cease to remind me of all of the memories, laughs,
Cries, pains,
And joys of life.


Created with images by QuotesEverlasting - "You can never quit. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. -Ted Turner"

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