reptile shop by: jake dudley

why im interested

day gecko

1. I love reptiles

2. I know a lot about reptiles

3. I care about reptiles and i want to give them a good home


skills and responcibillitys

frog eyed gecko


1. you need to know how to handle animals

2. you cant be a chicken


1. you are responsible to feed and clean there cages out every week are responsible for making sure animals are on a healthy diet

crested gecko

other job sites

1.scales and tails

2. under ground reptiles

3.reptile expo

water dragon


Created with images by Gellinger - "animal lizard agame" • Rene Mensen - "Greenday gecko" • miniformat65 - "splendor skink skink riopa fernandi" • miniformat65 - "wonder gecko rough scincus terrarium" • Kaz - "gecko close-up macro" • Rene Mensen - "Yellow eye"

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