Italy By: Cayden Lane Harris

slightly larger than arizona. it looks like a boot. it's surrounded on the west by the tyrrhenian sea and on the east of adriatic.
here is Italy on world map.
Italy is 155 years old. That is old!
March 17,1861 was when Italy was found. These Twin brothers found it and there name are Romulus and Remus. Here are some pictures of the twin brothers
statue,but they are on a back of a coin or frunt
painting, but this is what they look like when they are older
volleyball is one of the sports that they play
Basketball is another sport that they play
Cycling is a thing that they do that they also do

Sports in Italy has a long tradition. In numerous sports, both individual and teams, Italy has a good representation and many successes.

This is Mount bianco. the elevation is 15,777. the first ascent was august 8, 1786. this is the prominence 15,404. this is the highest mountain in the alps and europe.
this is the Po River. this river runs eastward across northern of italy. it is 28,572 mi2. it's length is 405 mi. it's discharge is 54,380 cubic ft per second.
this is the colosseum. this is 1,936 years old. the colosseum was build in 70ad.
This is the Monnalisa this is one of the old paintings just like The Last Meal. Leonardo da Vinci is the one who painted the Last Meal and the Monnalisa
Here is the painting of The Last Meal. This is the painting of when Jesus had his last meal. That is why the painting is called The Last Meal. Here is a picture of Leonardo da Vinci
this is Leonardo da Vinci
these people speak Italian. this language came from is the video down below
this is the pope and he is Roman catholic. this is the italy religion.
noodles and meat balls

here are some of the Italy's foods.

this is how some of the italy's dance. this is called the tarantella.
here is one of the type of clothing that they do were.
some were jeans and nice clothes. these clothes are normal clothes that we ware.
sergio Mattarella

Sergio Mattarella is head of government. he was born July 23,1941 he is 75 years old. his spouse is Marisa Chiazzese. His party is the Democratic Party.

he is a fashion designer for italy. he was born july 11, 1934. his name is giorgio armani .
here is robert de naro. he is one good actor who been an actor for a long time
this is umberto eco. he is an author and he died 2/19/16. here are some of his books
this is fedez. he is a rapper (singer) here are some of his songs.

21 grammi

faccio brutto

and more...

thanks for watching my slides


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