Tattoos on the Heart Jacob Spidle

This section is on kinship. It is one of my favorite sections because it has a very impactful story. That is the story of Bandit, he was doing bad things like selling drugs to people in cars and then running away. He had been in and out of prison at this point and was hesitant when asking for help. But one day he went into fathers office and got a low paying job. He kept with his work and ended up running the warehouse. He has kids and his first one is going to college. This is really inspirational for me becuase it shows me that even if you have nothing you can give your family a full life.

This section will be on Gladness and I think Moreno's story shows this best. He was a bad kid, he would get sent to the juvenile hall and his mother couldn't keep him home or in school so he would do his own think. Father G wanted to help him and he ask what his favorite subject was in school and father lists all the classes he knows and Moreno acts like he doesn't like any of they until father gets to science. When father said science he yell "THATS THE BOMB" he was very happy and excited to be dissecting a frog in the next class. Moreno showed that if you have motivation for something you can move it to other aspects of your life.

Another favorite of mine is the story of betito. His story fits the chapter which is compassion. He was at school and he just wanted to do something. He asked father if he's doing anything and father said no but betito said he wanted to go. One of my favorite parts was when he was talking about his girlfriend and called her small. It was sad when he died, it was from a drive by and it was a through and through which means it went though both sides of his body.

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