The Spirit of Love Tour One Love RISING

Imagine a touring show for the whole family that brings together the leading edge humanitarian groups, musicians, performing artists, multi media and the worlds exploding modalities of recreational fun: ecstatic dance, group visualization/mediation, music/sound healing, ceremony indigenous/water, acro dance, sound healing, individual and collective cultivation of love, and empowerment, in a drug and alcohol free, family, experiential transformational level event?

The Tour

The One Love Rising Tour is coming to your city! Would you like to be involved in a Transformational Level Event for all ages? In today’s society people are hurting. It seems lovelessness is everywhere and people want to do something to help. They want to feel joy, happiness, rejuvenation, empowered, and a part of something meaningful.

Welcome to One Love Rising the show. A multi media event featuring 8 transformational experience artists from singers, songwriters, bands, ecstatic dance, acro dance/performance art, multimedia, inspirational world-renowned speakers, and mc’s who guide the audience through the event flow. Tickets are $20 to $80 per person, for a four hour show with one 30-minute intermission where yoga, meditation, hula hoop and cacao will be happening. One show per month in a different city across North America.

We have a pay it forward model: each artist will bring with them a charity or cause to contribute a percentage of their tickets to. 8 Causes in one event!


We are looking for just one or two great sponsors who have a similar mission to spread health and wellness to our people, families, community and our world.

For $25,000.00 Star Support: Your logo and links will go on everything: web site, tickets, touring info, and press/marketing, and be announced from stage along with your company mission.

For $10,000.00 Comet Support: Your logo and links will go on website, tickets, touring info, press and marketing.

For $5,000.00 Butterfly Transformation Support: Your logo and links will go on our websites, touring info, tickets and

Tour Director:

Heidi Little

Heidi Little is a 20-year published, award winning Independent Music and Performing Artist and transformational event producer. Her music is played in 146 countries and has reached number 1 in 65 of them. Heidi has facilitated and supported a conscious movement, One that is based in love, care and respect of all peoples. From indie #1 touring charts and press, to supporting and collaboration in the first Idle No More Concert. Heidi has worked hand in hand in music and the children’s R/Evolution. She is the Co-founder and seven-year Director of International Children’s Month, the Outreach Coordinator for WE, The World, core team member of Unity Earth, and a contributing member of the conscious revolution of today. She brings with her connections to humanitarian/environmental/health and wellness artists, communities, families, teachers, and groups.

Co-Sponsor Humanitarian Group

International Children's Month

Our Mission Statement:“ Love, care and respect of all children.”

Our mission is to provide complete and total support to all children with an entire month of activities that enhance all aspects of a child's life. From 0-20 in age, all races, religions, backgrounds and experiences. A month of FUN !

Co-Sponsor Humanitarian Group

We, The World

We Mission: "The objective of the organization We, The World is to facilitate cooperation on a global scale among groups and individuals dedicated to implementing solutions to the many challenges we face on the planet at this time...We invite you to join us in a movement without which all the other movements for change can not be successful. The crucial movement we are talking about is the shift from 'I' to 'We'".

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu ( Nobel Peace Laureate)

Co-Sponsor Humanitarian Group

Unity Earth

Unity Earth Mission: UNITY EARTH is a growing network of organizations and individuals standing together for unity and peace. We are an intercultural, inter-generational and interfaith community of communities, joining forces to build a platform that can engage and showcase the thousands of people and groups working to make the world a safer and more inclusive place.

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