Should Women Athletes Face Objectification? Morgan sterner

Objectification is the action of degrading someone due to the status of a mere object. For women, they are looked upon in a sexualized manner. In general, people always separate woman from men because they are looked at differently(weak, dependent). This goes in sports as well. In athletics, female athletes do not get respect during sports inside of the media.

When women play sports everybody focusing on them for the wrong things. Female athletes work just as hard and are fun to watch. They might not be able to do all the things men athletes can do, but that’s because of physical limitations. In some cases female athletes are better than the males and skill wise However, since female portray in the sport, people will focus on the way they look at them for their outfit, hair, or shoes and do not look at their skill.

A content analysis of Sports Illustrated covers determined there is an underrepresentation of female athletes in print media. Also, because of the sexualized manner in which female athletes are portrayed, they suffer from inadequate depiction. On covers of magazines, calendars, etc female athletes are focused on their beauty aspect. For example one sports magazine that cover the female body is Sports Illustrated. They make the athlete look as gorgeous as they can, which throws off people into looking for that while watching women’s sports.

Meanwhile, tennis star Eugenie Bouchard crushed her opponent in the Australian Open, but moments after the reporter asked her to twirl and show off her outfit. Eugenie stated, “ I don’t mind twirling to show off my outfit as long as they ask guys to flex their muscles.” The video of her went viral and people, mainly women, created a big buzz. Two weeks prior to this, the same reporter asked Serena Williams to do the same. In Serena’s case she refused to do so because she did not want to be known for her looks.

While I was searching my topic, I looked up “female athletes” but before I hit search, topics came up like, “female athlete bodies” “female meal plan” etc. This proves to show that people are constantly looking up female athletes for the wrong reasons. To justify my point, I did the same thing for male athletes and things came up like , “ male athlete of the year” “ male athlete biggest opponent”. People want to see how men are doing during their athletic event instead of looking at their muscles, clothes, what food they eat, and then some.

People may think male athletes go through the exact same thing. Well, they are partially right. Men do get a lot of attention for their muscles, hair, clothes, or family. People try and dig up dirt on them to make them look like they have done something bad. On the other hand, they are not asked what designer they're wearing, or the hairstyle they chose, or how they did their makeup. After men finish an athletic performance, reporters/journalists would ask them about how they felt during the game or what got them motivated, or their newest skill they picked up. In some cases women would want the attention female athletes get for stuff like this, but I can tell you if you just won the Olympics you would not want a reporter coming up and questioning you about your outfit. You would want people asking how hard you worked and all the time and effort you put into it.

The percentages show how many female athletes are in the media, but is there really a way to see if they are being sexualized in the showing. The percentage they receive is 4% and males athletes receive 96%.The female athletes keep getting segregated due to gender. Because they are girls, people do not pay attention to their athletic ability. In many ways this in unfair and should be changed. Woman athletes deserve to have the same amount of praise as men athletes.



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