Inclusivity PG CERT HE

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." Ayn Rand
Meaningful, Relevant and Accessible to all...

Inclusive teaching in higher education refers to the ways in which pedagogy, curricula and assessment are designed and delivered to engage students in learning that is meaningful, relevant and accessible to all. It embraces a view of the individual and individual difference as the source of diversity that can enrich the lives and learning of others. (Hockings, 2010)

Diversity, Differentiation and Inclusive Practice

In this patch you will focus on diversity, differentiation and inclusive practice. You will develop your knowledge of diversity and explore its impact on student learning. You will discuss and share teaching strategies which encourage equitable learning opportunities for all students. You will consider how to effectively plan, implement and assess students in an inclusive context.


Whilst the patch represents 10 taught hours, the course will follow a blended approach. The topics covered will be as follows:
  1. Pre course activity - an online activity to discover your personal unconscious bias
  2. Unconscious Bias Workshop – Face to Face session
  3. What is Inclusive Pedagogy? – Online session
  4. Preparing for the Assessment – Face to Face session
  5. Presentation – Face to Face session (groups to present their findings to each other. Session length will depend on class size)
  6. Utilising assistive technology for inclusive engagement – Online session


Upon completion you will have ...
  1. Identified your unconscious biases
  2. Explored the meaning of inclusive learning and teaching
  3. Considered ways to harness & harvest students’ experience and knowledge
  4. Considered the application of the principles of inclusive & engaging learning and teaching to programme planning


This is a two part assessment: Part 1 is a group presentation; Part 2 is an individual reflection.

Group Presentation

Part 1: 50% Group Presentation

Each group will research a specific area of inclusive learning and teaching. Based on evidence and experience present your findings in one of the following ways :

  • poster
  • podcast
  • report

The topic areas to be covered are: Group Work, Assessment, The Lecture, The Learning Environment; Being a Personal Tutor N.B. these topics will be allocated to each group so that all areas are covered.

Part 2: 50% Reflective Blog Post

This is an individual reflection. You should reflect on what key features of inclusive practice you have explored during the patch. You should comment how will embed these features to improve your own teaching, assessment, and/or support of learning.

A maximum of 1000 Words Equivalent

Presentations will be week beginning 22nd January 2018

Pre-Course Activity

Please click the button below to do the Pre-Course Activity prior to the start of the patch.

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