DTC #38: The Culver City Classic A step back in time is much closer, and cooler, than you think.





Take a seat at the diner counter, sip a banquet and indulge on some classic bites.

Cozy up to the shuffle board table with a beer in hand at this ancient dive.

Rock out to some classic rock in this larger than, life smaller in reality honky tonk.

Possibly the bar in LA with best ratio of cool per square foot The Cinema Bar has been cranking out good times, cheap booze and live acts since 1947.
Stop 1

Step back into the 50’s with a pastrami and a banquet

• Arrive around 8:30pm •

📷: @oliverwarden

Stepping onto the 4000 block of Sepulveda is a revelation in itself. You swear you’ve passed through here hundreds of times en route to the 405 but honestly don’t remember seeing the double fire pits and classic decor of Johnnies Pastrami. After being sweetly called darling by the waitresses and taking your seat at the counter you cant help but get fired up for the smorgasbord to come. First, the pickles, then a finely poured glass of Coors banquet to hold you over before the chilli fries and hot pastrami land at your doorstep. The thinly sliced pastrami is a light take on a heavy deli classic smothered with the house spicey mustard. Take turns at the jukebox while sharing jabs at the fries which seem to never end. When you’ve filled up and feel like a grip after work from a 50’s sitcom it will mark your moment to challenge a local to some shuffleboard.

Alternative: If you are looking to go a bit more high bro hit up Maple Block a block north. It's a modern BBQ place that's pretty damn good.

Stop 2

The classic dive you wish was on every corner

• after that sweet sweet pastrami •

The Cozy Inn is a Culver City institute. An ageless extravaganza which has been going on since they opened their doors at 6am that day. You find it easy to get a drink and scoot over to the shuffleboard table. As you settle into sliding your puck down the slick track you notice the eclectic mix of décor ranging from Nascar to deep sea fishing to military prowess. Gingerly sliding towards victory you begin to notice the cougars happily gathering at the corner of the bar next to pool sharks who look far too bro-ey to be owning their own pool cues. After finishing your game and second drink you realize the time is getting closer to 10pm and you don’t want to miss a good spot at your final destination.

Stop 3

The tiniest honky tonk in LA

• after best 2-3 at shuffleboard •

You hear the riff of the guitar 100 feet before you hit the door of The Cinema Bar and know you’re in for a treat. To your delight you almost collide with the guitar player on stage as you take your first few steps into the door. A local 5 piece band crams their ensemble onto the stage which would seem like a hindrance but only amplifies the camaraderie during the first guitar solo. A stiff pour of your favorite spirit accompanies you from bar to dance floor and back again in a waltz which actually resembles close to the real thing. And this is where you’re left, in a waltz of tiny but grand proportions while the sound overtakes your senses drunk with excitement and the aforementioned liquor. A timeless dance that's been gracing these corners for over 60 years...and hopefully for 60 years more.


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