Space & Time on the water (With no added spreadsheets)

We don't get out very often, let alone for a whole day. We count the very important beans that make up the business of Space & Time Media. But even the very best bean counters will respond well to being exposed to the fresh air and salty sea spray of the Solent.

Pause, just a moment, to soak up what our day is starting to look like...

Welcome aboard, Champagne cocktails.....?

.....don't mind if I do,Ta!

Steady as she goes Cap'n Jones!

Don't look now Peter

See you in a while Lymington...

On our way to Hurst Castle

"Uh, who left me in charge?"

What have we spotted here?

Nothing scary lads, just a very smiley Sandy :-)

They do say that smiling is infectious...

...that could very well be true

"Really, it literally drives itself"

Hurst Castle

Hurst Castle is situated at the seaward end of the shingle spit that extends 1.5 miles from Milford-On-Sea. The end of the spit, only three-quarters of a mile from the Isle of Wight, and the views from the top of the centre keep are spectacular.

Hurst Castle was the perfect location to defend the western approach to the Solent. The castle was built by Henry VIII as one of a chain of coastal fortresses and was completed in 1544…

The Needles Rocks

The Needles form the western tip of a band of chalk that crosses the centre of the Isle of Wight. This chalk ridge continues west under the sea to Dorset’s Isle of Purbeck, and is believed to have been connected at one time to Old Harry Rocks, about 20 miles away.

Here's a rock, flipping the bird, a message that Helen would no doubt appreciate...


Yarmouth is a town and port in the west of the Isle of Wight. It's named for its location at the mouth of the small Western Yar river. Originally the river was crossed by ferry, but in 1863 thus was replaced with a road bridge.

As a port and market town Yarmouth has had local commercial significance. It still has some boat yards and chandlery, and although relatively small it still supports a number of shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants, supported partly by passing trade from the ferry terminal and visiting boat owners.

Talking of which we were here to eat - let's go shipmates!

I think the message here is loud and clear!

This looks like a suitable establishment.

Tony spots the wine list...

Suitably stuffed, an amble back to the boat revealed promising weather for our trip home.

However, once back out in the Solent, things took a decidedly chilly and choppy turn. Coats and a steady hand were needed to navigate the steps to the top deck.

That was until the mad skills of Gaby were revealed. Not only did she not avail herself of weatherproof gear but she managed to make it up the steps, wine glass in hand, without spilling a drop!


With Lymington in our sights, the wind blew away the clouds for a short while and a blue sky reappeared.

To finish off the day, out came the impressive reversing skills of Mr Jones; the parking of a sizeable vessel in to an unfeasibly small parking spot (or mooring for you marine pedants out there)

When it came down to it, Tony was the one to point out that if you have to cling to the table top to avoid falling over, it was probably time to leave.

And so our adventure aboard the good ship Space and Time comes to an end, and what an adventure it was.
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Tony Good

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