Ham Église Notre-Dame & Le Château

Abbaye Notre-Dame (XII-XVIII)

Although this Benedictine Abbey Church was there in Saint Joan's time, it's not very likely that, as a prisoner, she would have been given the liberty to visit it. Her statue can be found on the right side of the Church, near the choir.

The crypt can be visited by appointment.

Château (XIII)

It is possible that St Joan of Arc would have been imprisoned in the dungeon (la grosse tour) of the castle of Ham, owned by her captor, Jean de Luxembourg, and which was midway between her two known prisons of Beaulieu-les-Fontaines and Beaurevoir. Due to it's strategic value and impressive strength, the castle was dynamited by the retreating Germans during World War I. All that remains today is the square plan entrance tower and parts of its network of enceintes.


Photos by Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery.  All rights reserved.  Sketches are from the public domain archives of the BnF.  

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