Digital Ready Check We Can Make Your Real Estate Projects Fit For Digital

Advancing digital data and processes are changing the requirements for real estate – and the assessment criteria applied to it. Future evaluations of a property’s ability to generate returns will increasingly focus on links to buildings, building connectivity, the entire digital, networked building IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, GDPR, and the sustainability of real estate.

This also poses challenges for many companies and raises questions:

  • How digital does my building have to be?
  • What data do I need for cost-effective operation? And can the required data be provided by the building?
  • Do I get all the data needed for my sustainability reporting? (ESG)
  • Is the building services technology suitable for higher-level networking?
  • Which digital components are the right ones?
  • Is my IT infrastructure ready for the Internet of Things (IoT) and the media technology of the future?
  • Would my building pass a penetration test?
  • What new business models can be derived from my building? This also poses challenges for many companies?

Have you ever asked yourself one or more of these questions? Drees & Sommer’s Digital Ready Check gives you the answers you need.

The crucial factor in an intelligent building is not the number of sensors, but the added value for the users. For this reason, a digital strategy developed together with you is invariably used as the basis. To ensure that a property can be developed and used according to your needs, our digital transformation experts check the requirements (IT infrastructure, technical infrastructure, networking capability, cyber security, etc.) regarding digital readiness.

Step 1

Preparation of a building description with all the key details of the property.

Step 2

Survey of the building/district based on a comprehensive catalog of criteria, including connectivity, technical infrastructure, and interfaces (networking capability, cybersecurity, etc.).

Step 3

Assessment of the building, using defined criteria from the perspective of digital readiness.

Step 4

Summary of the results in an explanatory report, with an initial list of recommendations as a basis for a digital strategy and digital process implementation.

This check can be carried out both for new buildings on the basis of the latest planning, and for existing buildings or entire real estate portfolios on the basis of the holdings documents – supplemented, if necessary, by data collection on site.

App-aided data collection

The building data for the Digital Ready Check is recorded digitally, using an app provided by Drees & Sommer. Especially when reviewing a real estate portfolio, this allows time-saving and efficient collection of building data and minimizes any additional workload for your property managers and property administrators.

The survey content can be adapted to meet specific needs. It can also be used for extended data collection for your own purposes. All the collected data is prepared by our experts and is included in an explanatory report matching your needs.

cube berlin near the Berlin Central Station is a smart commercial building that will learn from its users by a central ‘brain’ and adapt to their individual needs. © CA Immo

District Heidestrasse in Berlin is developing a very modern urban residential district. © Quartier Heidestraße

'The Ship' is a smart office building in Cologne that will implement new work principles and collaborative platform for entrepreneurship. © The Ship

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The leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has supported private and public clients and investors for 50 years in all aspects of real estate and infrastructure – both analog and digital. The result is cost-effective and sustainable buildings, profitable real estate portfolios, people-oriented working environments, and visionary mobility concepts. All the services provided by the partner-run company take into consideration both economic and ecological concerns. Drees & Sommer calls this holistic approach #theblueway.

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