Customer Care in the Sport Industry seminar seven

In this weeks lecture we discussed the methods of evaluation used in customer service in the health and fitness industry. In addition we looked at how customer service is measure through initiatives such as customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups, observations and customer feedback.

Customer expectations have been adapting quickly as technology advances and organisations will be faced with new challenges daily. Regardless of the size of the health and fitness organisation, sharing knowledge effectively and keeping all staff informed are key to good customer service delivery.

Organisations must create important documentation when training employees on customer service skills that is circulated throughout all departments on a regular basis. Staff within the organisation need to be available at all times to be able to deal with any queries or problems that may arise and try and avoid leaving customers ‘hanging on’ for answers or resolutions.

For this weeks seminar task you are the health and fitness manager of a large organisation and you have been asked to produce a questionnaire that can be circulated to members of the gym to gain feedback.

The questionnaire should be no more than 10 questions long and include questions on what the member likes and dislikes about the facility and what can be improved. It can include both open and closed questions.

As a result of the questionnaire it has been identified that employees of your facility are not interacting with members enough on the gym floor. You are to produce an training plan for the fitness instructors which details how the situation can be improved. For example, this could include a checklist of what each instructor needs to do on each shift to ensure that excellent customer service is met

Please submit your work through the turnitin link on week 7 of the module on your Learnzone page.


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