Patrick Henry BY JACK GOLTEN


Ship Susan Constant

This is a replica of ship Susan Constant. It is 120 tons and people were seasick most of the time during the 4 and a half month trip to America. There were 54 people on board and passengers spent most of time below deck.

Sharpening tool

This tool sharpens other tools like axes and arrows. It is a rough big stone. The English introduced the tool so they could sharpen other tools or weapons.



Silversmith's tools and silver cups

This is a silversmith shop were I give in my money to turn it into silver items. It is a good way to save your money and turn it into credit if you don't want to spend it. It has lots of shiny and smooth silver items and it smells like metal.

Silver spoons

The silversmith has lots of different items like cutlery, jewelry, cups, plates, ect. I would buy the cutlery, cups, and plates to show off my wealth. Also my wife would buy the jewelry to show off her wealth too.

Silver jewelry and crosses

If I were to order items from the shop I would tell my slave to bring some money to be melted into a silver item. Then I would wait untill it is done and tell my slave to pick it up later.

Peyton Randolph's house

The owner of the house is Peyton Randolph. I would visit him because he is also gentry class like me so we might eat dinner together. Also I might visit or see him because I am a lawyer and he is envolved in the house of burgesses and the government, so we might decide some laws or make decisions together.

The parlor for family meetings

My favorite room in the house is the parlor because it is cozy and it relaxes me after a hard day of work. Also the china, paintings, and portrait look pretty and remind me of my wealth.

The Randolph's dining room

This is a dinning room it has mirrors to reflect light and plates to serve food. It would be used for dining, I might go to the Randolph's house for dinenr there.

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