Cambodia by: vivian

Have you ever wondered what it's like in cambodia, the food, the holidays? or have you been curious about it's past. Well if you don't have enough money to go there or you're too young then it's best to know what's out there and learn about it.

khmer new years

Cambodians celebrate a holiday called Khmer New Years.

Khmer New Years is the most important and widely celebrated holiday. And celebrated in mid-april for 3 days. And is celebrated at the time when farmers didn’t work, the first day of new years is called Moha Sangkran which means welcoming their new angels, referring to the angels with each of the years animals signs, people clean their home and prepare fruit dishes and drinks, in the morning they visit the pagoda to offer foods to the monks and receive blessings. The second day is called Wanabot, the people commonly offer charity to the less fortunate, the people go to the temple to have the monks give them blessing and build a mountain of sand called phnom khsach to remember those who had passed away. But most cambodians don’t earn cash income but are subsistence farmers. Cambodia’s economy hasn’t recovered the strength it had after the independents happened.

Prince Norom Sihanouk

The cambodians suffered a long civil war, the region was colonized in the late 1860’s and was under french control except in the japanese occupation worlds war ll . When Cambodia was granted independence in 1970, the monarchy under Prince Norodom Sihanouk was overthrown in 1975.The Khmer Rouge controlled the country from 1975-1979 and banned religion and destroyed holy buildings and statues, cambodian now are trying to make their country more peaceful and rebuild their buildings.

Henri Mouhot

The north of Angkor Wat was another temple made by the khmers, from the late 12th century and have 100 temples and is the largest religious temple in the world. Angkor wat, was supposedly founded by Henri Mouhot in 1858-1860. Henri was born may 15th 1856 and died in november 10th 1861 and was a french naturalist explorer they may say he found angkor wat but it was never lost forgotten or found the citizens still knew it existed but Henri did alert the western world about his “discovery”.


Cambodians eat differently than others eat. Cambodians eat with their hands, spoons,forks or chopsticks depending on the food and customs. Cambodians mostly eat veggies and a wide variety of fruits through the year, seafood is also a common prepared dish. They also grow many different kinds of fruit and veggies like Lychee, Rambutan, Jackfruit or Velvet Tamarind. Cambodians eat rice at almost every meal, the rice is made by adding coconut milk and fruit and mixing it with the rice. Cambodians today are striving to return to its pre-1970 rice exports levels, once cambodia was know at the cradle of rice for the amount of different rice they grew.

I hope you had a better understanding of Cambodia. But if you ever do go to Cambodia go and visit the temples and and try new foods, just keep you nose plugged if your gonna try the jack fruit.

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