Endoscopy By: Zainab bhimani

Dear future co-op students,

You may have a lot of things going inside your mind at once. "How will I like co-op? Will it be fun? Is it really for me? Will the people at my placement like me?". Fear no more, because all your questions are about to be answered! Before I started co-op, I used to ask the same questions. I used to feel that maybe its not worth it. I never used to take any risks or go out of my comfort zone. But after I chose to take co-op, it changed my world completely.

I am currently a co-op student at Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto. Now doesn't that sound really cool!? Going to downtown every day for a semester sounded pretty fun for me. I work in Endoscopy, where doctors perform procedure by taking a camera and putting it into your body. I get to interact with patients and nurses to talk about how the procedure will be like. I talk to patients about what to expect and what not to do before the procedure. Sometimes, I get really lucky and get the opportunity watch a procedure!

Going into co-op was a difficult situation at first for me. I didn't know what to expect and how to react to situations. But after starting work at my placement, I learned a lot of essential skills to better adapt to my workplace. I learned to be open minded and to be open to change. This skill has led me to be comfortable to any new challenges that come my way. It has also allowed my to become more successful in trying out a new task! Secondly, I learned to be courageous and talk to new people. Talking to new people has expanded my sources. If I ever need any help with anything, I know that the people who I have talked to will be able to guide me to my success. These two skills have helped me to have a successful experience at my placement, and as a gift from me to you, these two tips of being open-minded and courageous are being passed on from me to you. I humbly request you keep them in mind.

Now co-op may seem like it's really easy and all fun and games. Don't get me wrong, it's really fun, but with fun comes some challenges. I, too, was faced with many challenges. One of the biggest challenge I was faced with was when I was left in charge of taking care of the patients before their procedure. At this time, my supervisor was gone for her break, and the only person who knew how to take care of the patients at that time was me. So guess who was put in charge: ME! Although it doesn't sound like a hard job, having 10 people come in for their procedure at the same time sure does. At that moment in time, I was the doctor, the nurse and the receptionist all at the same time. I had to take care of the patients and reassure them to take away any fear they might have had about the procedure. I had to make sure they follow the steps they had to take before going in and out of the procedure room. I was also the receptionist as I had to do the paperwork for the patients that were coming in. I had to do all this at the same time, all while being in the shoes of the patient so that I knew how the patient was feeling at all times. This was the biggest challenge I had faced, and I overcame it by one thing. I was calm. Being calm helped me to have a clear mind, which helped me to finish all my work without being overcome with distress.

Overall, I had a great experience as a co-op student. There were many ups and downs, and it was a roller coaster ride from the start. The people I worked with were amazing people and they inspired me to do my best in everything I did. The work and challenges I faced gave me more strength and hope that I could accomplish anything and always be successful! In the end, co-op was one of the best things to ever happen to me, as not only did I learn more about the placement I worked at, but more about me and my future!

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