Instructional Technology Newsletter April 2018

April Updates

In case you forgot this is what spring is supposed to look like.

Although it may not feel like it outside, spring is here along with all the other items that come with it. I know this is a busy time but please take a moment to look at some new tech options and ideas you may wish to try in your classroom. With PSSA's, Keystones and other testing at our doorstep I wish everyone all the best! As always, please let me know how I can assist you with technology as we close in on the last few months of the school year.


Classlink has been updated with all of your requested apps! Need an additional app or link added just let me know. For any new added apps students will need to put in their login credentials 1 time to have them permanently saved. All linked accounts will rollover to next year, so will will not have to re-link these items next year.

With the addition of many new apps you may want to organize them or put apps away that you may not routinely use. Also, as students input new passwords they make make errors and need to change them. The link below details how you can easily do both.

PDSd's Twitter ed Chat tonight 7-8 PM!

Join our PDSD Twitter Ed Chat hosted by Mr. Kuminka. The topic will be Student-centered Engagement. Log on twitter and follow our professional learning community handle @PennDelco_PLC and follow #PDSDEdChat to join the conversation. See you there!

More PDSD Google Certified educators!

Congratulations Matt, Andrea and Kristin!

Google Differentiated Supervision Members

Remember the goal is to see how these tools can benefit instruction, you do not need to become Google certified to do an excellent job using these tools with your students. Please remember to attempt the test again if you don't pass the first time. Try to wrap up all of your testing this month as I will be collecting receipts for reimbursement in early May. If you have questions or need support please let me know and I will be happy to assist.

new Kahoot features & other excellent tips!

We have all probably used or participated in a Kahoot game at some point. However, you may not be aware of some new features recently added to the program. Matt Miller shares new features to this tried and true formative assessment tool. Video times for each topic listed below for convenience.

1:00 — Play well-made curriculum-aligned games created by Kahoot!

2:20 — Create Jumble games (put answers in order instead of choosing an answer, great for math, size or value of number or expressions, history- time of events, ELA - elements of a story etc.)

4:19 — Identify “naughty nicknamers” with the “scarlet screen”

5:49 — Avoid naughty nicknames with the name generator (see graphic below)

7:35 — Duplicate and change existing Kahoot!s to meet your needs

Interested in Podcasting with students but not sure how?

The edubloggers guide to podcasting offers a comprehensive guide to getting started with podcasting with students or creating your own. It offers an impressive amount of information with student examples, tools that can be used, and additional background information. This is an excellent resource if you are interested in creating podcasts with your class!

Collaborate & deliver content with PADLET

Padlet is free and has been around for a few years but this versatile tool has proven its value as a versatile go-to digital tool, worth a look if you haven't tried it. Padlet is a digital bulletin board that can be used for lesson delivery or student collaboration for virtually any subject with a multitude of uses K-12. Students or teachers can add text, links, videos, or photos to a Padlet. Completed Padlets can be shared or emailed via url. It is also a single sign on with Google, so no remembering passwords! Looking for some fun an interesting ways to engage students this is a worthy tool!


Writeabout.com is a mostly free website that offers writing prompts and ideas K-12 as well as opportunities for students to share their writing with other students across the nation. You can simply use it to search for engaging prompts that pertain to your curriculum and use them in class or explore features that allow students to share their writing through the site. This is also a Google single sign on if you want to create an account and utilize all features. Either way you use it, a great tools for getting new ideas for writing and engaging students.

Screen shot of navigation bar
Various Genres of writing prompts and ideas that can be explored

NASA's Interactive Guide to the solar System

Screen Shot of Earth's moon

NASA's Solar System Exploration website contains interactive displays of the planets, dwarf planets, and moons of our solar system. To launch an interactive display just choose one of the planets, dwarf planets, or moons from the menu in the site's header. Each display includes little markers in it. Click one of the markers to open a side panel that contains information about that particular feature of the planet, dwarf planet, or moon. Below each interactive display you'll find additional facts and figures. (Description from Richard Bryne from Free Technology for teachers)

Tech tip

fastest and easiest way to get a photo of you, an object, a student or their work onto a computer in seconds using the webcam!

Directions: 1. Open Google docs or slides 2. select Insert 3. select Image 4. Camera


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