National League - Open 2021 entry period 10 DECEMBER 2020 - 8 february 2021

Welcome to the Entry Information Page

Online entry CLOSES on Monday 8th February 2021

Please read all information below before entering your team. The entry link is at the bottom of this page.

What are the National & Regional tiers? These are the ‘national and regional leagues’ for teams at the Open (adult) age group. The tiers link to the County tier and allow for teams to be promoted and relegated.

Which clubs can compete in the National & Regional tier? LTA registered venues that have a team(s) in the National & Regional Tier based on their performance in the 2019 competition. Team captains will be emailed directly about the online application from 10 December 2020. As the 2020 competition did not take place, there was no promotion and relegation, therefore, teams will remain in the same divisions that they were due to play in 2020. Team captains can view their position in the structure on the National League website prior to completing the online application. The positions are provisional and will depend on teams confirming their 2021 place.

I entered and paid for my entry in 2020, do I still need to enter? Yes, all teams are required to enter the competition in 2021, if they wish to play. Payment is normally required online at the time of entry. However, many venues have already paid due to the competition being cancelled in 2020. Entries for 2021 will be accepted without immediate payment. You will be contacted to make any payment as necessary.

How do we know our entry has been received? Each team captain will receive a confirmation email from Tournament Software when your application is submitted. All team captains will be emailed on Friday 19 February 2021 with the draws, fixtures and details about the season (if you haven’t heard by Monday 22 February, email nationalleague@LTA.org.uk).

Other Important Information

• Fixtures are played at 12pm on fixed dates which can be seen below:

• A player may only represent one club in the Open (adult) competition. A player competing for one club in the junior events may represent a separate club in the Open (adult) competition. However, the player may only compete in 2 age groups, e.g. 18&U and Open

• Email nationalleague@LTA.org.uk before the closing date if your club have a major clash at your venue on the same date preventing the team from playing at home (e.g. court resurfacing)

• Teams will need to be prepared to travel across their region and must commit to all fixtures

What if the club has more than one team in an event? Where a club has teams in the National and/or Regional and/or County tiers (E.g. for Open Women), it is important the teams are named as follows - ‘Example LTC 1’ (for National tier) / ‘Example LTC 2’ (for Regional tier) / ‘Example LTC 3’ (for County tier) Any teams entering at County tier must enter their relevant county league

Player Nominations

All team captains will be required to complete their player nominations by Monday 1 March 2021 (more information to follow to entered teams after the entry closing date)

A venue with a team in the National or Regional Tier may nominate up to 12 players rated 3.2 or better no later than 23.59 on 1 March 2021. No player nominations will be accepted after 23.59 on 1 March 2021. Any venue failing to nominate by this deadline will not be allowed to field in their team(s) any player rated 3.2 or better. Venues with no players rated 3.2 or better do not need to nominate. Players rated 4.1 or worse as of 1 March 2021 may play in any fixture and do not need to be nominated. For each additional team in the National/Regional Tier, up to a further 9 players rated 3.2 or better may be nominated by the venue..

How to enter online?

The National/Regional Open team application is to be made online, with payment using the club login and password sent to team captains by the organisers

Team captains must confirm their entry by 8 February 2021


Click here to enter the National League Summer Open 2021

Draws & fixtures will be sent out to team captains by 19th February 2021

If you have any further queries please contact nationalleague@lta.org.uk