Reflective Introduction summing it all up

The portfolio project was something I wasn't exactly eager to do at the beginning of the semester. Of course, it would tank my grade in the class if I didn't do it, so, albeit begrudgingly, I began to work. The first exhibit I did was exhibit 1. As I began writing about the three "inner" voices, I really began to get into it. I realized I was really connecting with what I was writing and saw what it revealed about myself. At one point, I just kept typing and typing, not even bothering to look at what I was saying, just letting my heart and mind do the talking and say what was really on my mind. I finished and looked over it and really began to think about some things. That was it for me. For the remainder of this project, I really threw myself into it like no other project I'd ever done before. I set a goal to actually get something out if it. For each exhibit that I did, I wasn't just going to do it and treat it like work, I was going to treat it as an opportunity to learn something new. I could see that each exhibit had been specifically designed to make us realize something, improve something, or learn a new skill. There was so much to get out of it, and I was committed to learn the things it was trying to teach us. When I did the time management exhibit, I recognized that time management was something I was not very good at, so I tried, and am still trying, to get in the habit of using a monthly calendar, weekly planner, and to-do list. Exhibit 3 was something I was already good at, studying and memorizing, but I still tried a new study method. It didn't work as well for me as the ones I was used to, but that was okay too. It confirmed that the study techniques I use are effective and that I should keep using them. Exhibit 4 taught me a new habit that I definitely need to be in for next semester. I need to go to the professor's office and understand things I may have missed on a test. There actually were a few times before when I had done this for math classes. I actually had one professor my freshman year who allowed us to do "test corrections", we brought him our tests and he'd give us points back if we could demonstrate, in front of him, that we could do the problems. Other than that, I hadn't done this much, so it definitely reminded me that I should be doing it. Exhibit 6 was also very beneficial for me, too. I didn't discover anything new about myself, all the values I picked in my top ten list made perfect sense to me that they would be there. But it gave me an opportunity to go through and write a little about each one. My first self-designed exhibit confirmed something I already expected: that I work best in the library. Something I did not expect was that the results of this experiment would get me in the habit of doing a lot more schoolwork in the library. My second self-designed exhibit helped me to discover a few more tips about how to make myself focus better. Overall, I could see a myself applying the results and discoveries from each of these exhibits to my daily and long-term goals, and stay in these habits for the rest of my life. I think doing these projects will have a lasting impact on the way I do things, and will be something I'll never forget.


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