Unified Champion Schools are worth melting for ❄️ December 2018 UCS Newsletter

Snowflakes are falling everywhere! Count the number of ❄️you see throughout the newsletter!

Celebrate your school!

We're celebrating Inclusive Schools Week December 3 – 7!

Inclusive Schools Week is an annual event held each year during the first full week in December to celebrate the progress that schools have made in providing a supportive and quality education to all students. ❄️

Celebrate with us this year and remind everyone why we always Choose to Include!

This year's theme:

This year, the Inclusive Schools Week theme is “Kaleidoscope of Friends.”

If you look into a kaleidoscope, you see an infinite array of patterns of brilliant light created by repeated reflection. Just like the beautiful patterns and shapes that occur in a kaleidoscope, education takes on a beautiful shape when everyone is included in the school community!

For discussion prompts, celebration ideas, and more info on Inclusive Schools Week, click here. ❄️

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Inclusive Youth Leadership: Daniels Magnet Middle School

Daniels Magnet Middle School became a Special Olympics North Carolina Unified Champion School in 2015. Since then, the school has been one of the leaders of inclusion for middle schools in Wake County.

“We are really proud of our Peer Program! Because the students without disabilities help in our classroom every day for a whole semester, they really form friendships." --Karen Fries, teacher liaison for the club.

Meet Shayla and Aubrey:

Shayla and Aubrey are two extraordinary student leaders and friends. Recently, they shared their experience as a Unified Champion School with middle and high school teachers in Wake County.

Shayla, a Special Olympics Wake County athlete, competes in basketball and runs track and field. Shayla also enjoys doing volleyball and cheerleading. She is also an active member of Daniels Magnet Middle School’s Sea Turtles Team. Learn more about the Sea Turtles Team.

Aubrey is a peer helper, a Unified Partner, an active member of their Unified Club and close friends with Shayla. Aubrey participates in several sports and leadership activities at school.

One of their favorite activities is planning the Spread the Word to End the Word Rally for their school.

“We are teaching people at Daniels that the r-word is hurtful and offensive. It does not show respect for people with disabilities. Not only does it offend the individual, but it can hurt friends and family too! We are role models at Daniels, so excluding this word from our vocabulary can create a more inclusive environment for all students.” --Aubrey ❄️

Recently, Shayla and Aubrey presented at a district-wide Unified Champion Schools training for middle schools and high schools in Wake County. They hope that someday all schools will be Unified Champion Schools!

Plunge season is just around the corner!

Find a plunge in your community here and get your school involved.

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A Tar Heel takedown or a Wolfpack win?

NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill went head to head at the 2018 SONC Unified Rivalry Flag Football Game on November 18!

The final score: NC State - 21 and UNC-Chapel Hill - 19

Congratulations to the champions!

Watch the recap:

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