Teddytopia The only thing we have to fear is fear its self (And bears)

Our Honorable Seal

The Teddys will become the dominate Species

Ten rules of Teddytopia

  1. Must listen to songs only Teddys like
  2. Must pay taxes to president Teddy and Teddy
  3. Must have a job that will make Teddys money
  4. Must always carry around a Teddy bear
  5. Must wear clothes made by the Teddys factory
  6. Sunday wear Teddy Bear costume all day
  7. Must go to Life Of Teddy school on Sunday
  8. Always have chocolate in your homes
  9. The only religion is whatever the Teddys are feeling like at that time
  10. If you have problems with rules 1-9 you will be slaughtered
Located in the bahamas

Daily schedule

  1. Pray to Teddy Bears after you wake up
  3. Pray to teddy bears
  4. Sleep

Sunday Schedule

  1. Wake up and get your Teddy bear costume on
  2. Leave to Life Of Teddy School by 11:00 am
  3. learn about teddy for 3 hours you may leave to go to do anything you want for an hour but you must come back before the school finishes
  4. Sleep


Created with images by Alexas_Fotos - "luggage antique teddy" • Pezibear - "teddy bear bear children toys" • Unsplash - "musha cay bahamas island"

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