LGA NEWS EDITION 18, DATE: 19 June 2020


It has been lovely to see Year 10 students and parents this week for their meetings with Form Tutors. We have had an excellent turn out and it was good for students to be able to spend a brief time in school chatting with staff. We are very much looking forward to meeting Year 7, 8 and 9 students and parents in the coming weeks. The ParentMail inviting you to make an appointment should be with you today.

I hope you enjoy looking through all of the examples of student achievement in this edition of the Newsletter.

Jim Parker, Principal.

Great Work, during lockdown!

effective musical instruments - Great artistry

Our Year 7 students have been creating DIY instruments as part of their home learning song writing topic this term. We have been so impressed with the instruments that students have made. The instruments are a variety of glass xylophones, cardboard guitars, panpipes and even a didgeridoo! Here are some of the great examples. Miss Maxwell, Teacher of Music

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a collection of artwork by our students

Some more fantastic artwork by our students during their home learning schedule. The large image is by Baylee, Year 9.

Well done to everyone, and keep working hard. Dr Layden, Teacher of Art and Technology

Amy Year 8
Elise, Year 7
Eloyse, Year 8
Eloyse, Year 8
Hannah, Year 10
Haylee, Year 12
Josh, Year 10
Logan, Year 7
Lois, Year 10
Rhiannon, Year 10
Timothy, Year 7
Troy, Year 10
Vanessa, Year 10
Zara, Year 9
Artwork by Jessica and Lois, Year 10

amazing history work

A poem and letter is part of an amazing History project from Charlotte, Year 8. Well done. Miss Cowap, Head of History.

Two weeks ago, in lieu of their AS examinations, all our A-Level Biology students took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad, run by the Royal Society of Biology. This is a precursor to the British Biology Olympiad, which is a prestigious annual competition by the brightest and best Year 13 students. This is where the winners can go on to compete in the International event, which last yar was held in Sweden.

Our students have spent weeks revising for the competition, completing online revision and attending weekly meetings to ensure that they are properly prepared. They have worked so hard, despite the very difficult circumstances. Taking the test itself posed a number of social distancing difficulties. However, once we had got to grips with the various IT workarounds, such as shared screens, they all managed to complete the task, and are now awaiting their results. We are prodigiously proud of their diligence and perseverance in times of adversity. Mrs Hawkes, Head of Biology


During the half term break Ms Whalley completed an 'Ultra Marathon' over six days comprising of 50 miles. 10% of the race revenue has been donated to the NHS Charities. Ms Whalley is still fundraising for the Colossus 'House Charity' MK Snap and has a place in the London Marathon. Please let’s see if we can help to get Ms Whalley to her target.

Many cakes arrived at the 'Hub' made by our lovely Colossus students. A huge big thank you!

Some great running/walking last weekend by Mollie and some of her family, who completed the '5K Race for Life' around Furzton Lake.

They were raising funds to support families dealing with cancer, and have so far at the time of going to print, reached a total of £140. Congratulations Mollie and family, a fantastic cause. We hope you meet your target of £200.


A huge well done to Morgan for accepting the 'Italian Cooking Challenge' of making Pasta Carbonara for himself and the rest of the family. It looks delicious, bravo! Mrs Saccá, Head of Italian

Well done Eva for cooking "Pasta alla Bolognese" at home. Bravissima!! Mrs Saccá, Head of Italian

down on the allotment

We acquired the allotment last year just before we went away on holiday to Lanzarote in the summer. It was covered in weeds and dead grass including lots of nettles that stung your ankles and hands. We cleared all this out of the way to burn later in the month.

In the middle of the allotment there was a half-burnt tree stump that had started to rot down. We pulled it up and underneath was an ants nest and lots of larvae. We covered up the hole and later constructed a 'raised bed' for that area.


We have planted our first plants/seeds after lots of hard work digging the ground over; purple, white and orange carrots, lettuce and green beans. I have to be honest I did not enjoy all the digging!


This year we have done much more. Our neighbour on the plot next to us helped us and the digging was done alot more quickly. We borrowed his rotavator - a machine that breaks and churns up the soil. This was a lot easier. My carer and brother loves to be down on the allotment. We went a bit crazy with our tomatoes though! We have around 270! Our elephant garlic has grown so much, it is taller than me. In the polytunnel we have tomatoes, peppers, onions and leeks, aswell as potatoes which are huge.

In the raise beds, we have beetroot, beetroot, beetroot and more beetroot! Only joking we have onions, cabbage, more garlic, lettuce and more onions. We also have more green beans - Oh how we love our green beans and carrots.

Oure parsnip seeds haven’t done that well. But the cucumber, rhubarb and pumpkins growing in front of the polytunnel are doing well. I like to water the plants and my carer likes to tell me about the importance of watering plants. It usually takes at least five watering cans at a time. It is fun, but hard work! By Jade.

What a great crop of vegetables after all the hard work of digging and planting!



I have arranged a Google Question & Answer session from Amazing Apprenticeships on Tuesday 23 June at 2pm. The thirty minute session will be a short presentation over Google Meet, followed by some questions and answers. If you (students or adults), would like to take part, please let me know.

Google Meet can be accessed through PCs, laptops/chromebooks and mobile phones. You do not need to download any special software as it runs through the Google Suite, which is what all Lord Grey IT accounts use. The link to the meeting will be in the invitation sent to the Lord Grey student email address.

If you are interested, please email joanna.brown@lordgrey.org.uk

Year 10 students, you will also get an Apprenticeship Assembly during Year 11, how this will work, to be sorted out at a later date. You are welcome to sign up for this as well. Joanna Brown, Careers & Futures Adviser

Free Online Conference for Year 12s thinking of medical careers

Medic Mentor has developed a one day virtual conference that can be attended by students as long as they are accompanied by at least one parent/carer. The conference, which is being delivered would normally cost £50, but funding has been secured to cover this expense. The events are aimed at Year 12 students, but might be suitable for slightly younger students if they have a particular interest in a career in medicine.

Please ask your son or daugher to visit this website:

Please then click on the register button. They can then select the date and venue option. Conferences are being held each weekend between 13th June and 4th July. When checking out, the coupon code 'careersmk' should be entered BEFORE clicking the Apply coupon. The £50 charge will then be deducted.

When attending, your son or daughter must turn their video camera on to verify that they are being accompanied by a parent/carer. This ensures safeguarding is complied with. Joanna Brown, Careers & Futures Adviser

technology audit survey

We would like thank our parents for responding to our Technology Audit Survey, we have received many responses, but would like to receive more. We want to ensure we are supporting our students adequately with their learning during this period of home learning. We would be extremely grateful if you would complete this short survey by clicking on the link below. Ms Cass, Director of Inclusive Learning

Old School Uniform

If any of our Year 11 parents have any good quality/unwanted second hand uniform which you no longer require, please could you consider donating it to the school? It would be gratefully appreciated. Any donations can be dropped into Student Services between 9am-2pm Monday to Friday during term time. Student Services Team

Resources to help support us all...

ThinkNinja is a mental health app designed for 10 to 18 year olds. Using a variety of content and tools, it allows young people to learn about mental health and emotional wellbeing, and develop skills they can use to build resilience and stay well.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Do you have any concerns about the mental health of a child in your care? We are able to offer help from our experienced Mental Health Practitioners. The poster gives details of how to initiate a referral if needed.




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