Multiple Sclerosis  By David Wegman


My aunt suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS) and often has difficulty doing seamingly easy activities, like even walking up the stairs without a hand rail.

MS is a disease that makes everyday things difficult. It breaks down the myelin around the nerves. My goal was to raise awareness through this presentation and the video later on.

Global context: Identities and relationships. Who am I? Who are we? Students will explore identity; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human.

This context was chosen because MS influences the every day life of people and if you were to be married to someone like my aunt, you would have to realize her lack a of coordination and ability to complete physical tasks easily.

This process of bringing awareness to this disease has opened my eyes. At the start i had very little knowledge on this disease, and by the end it seems like a very complex, but easily understood disease. I chose this to get a greater understanding of what my aunt lives through every day


There are four types of MS, 2 are progressively worsening, while the other 2 are full of relapses. A relapse is a spike in how bad the symptoms get. For example, for most of the time movement could be limited and thats it, but then for a week fatigue and dizziness will appear as well as severe limited movement. Then after this week, movement has returned to its old normal but the dizzyness remains, just not as bad as during the relapse. MS can also not be cured as it is when the body attacks itself, only the symptoms can be treated.

MS is a disease where the immune system attacks itself, as certain cells begin to cross the blood to brian barrier, which means cells are where they shouldn't be causing for destructions in nerves

As nerves are damaged, there can often be problems with memory or using the right words to express how they feel. This is due to the entire nerve system being damaged by the cells being in the wrong spot

My resources include websites, as well as my aunt herself, and my younger sister who had done a similar project and had supplied me with very basic original information to help me at the start.

One problem i ran into was that it was difficult getting specific information, as most sites just had similar info about generally the same thing. So getting down into info like the different types was surprisingly difficult, while almost any site had information about the dizzyness and lack of movement.

My action was creating a video using my friends or family. The video shows what it is like having MS, using scenarios that mimic it, like trying to button a shirt with large gloves on. These actions will show you how difficult having MS is.




This project has given me many skills that i will be able to use for later in life with any similar project. The need for communication with my aunt and the researching done for the information teach basic skills that are useful in life.

I believe i met the criteria for this project as i have a finished product, a presentation that has all the major points, and have began my essay which will be due later on.

I have benefitted from this project as i have learned many useful skills for life, as well as more information about this certain disease and what my aunt is dealing with, hopefully anyone watching has learned something as well.


  • My aunt, who helped me along through the beginning of this process and with the scenarios in the video.
  • The rest of my family, for participating or in the video or for helping anywhere else along the way.


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